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  1. im in the same boat....i am currently putting heat on mine not sure if its good but yea except mines right smack dab on my forehead!!!!
  2. Any ideas how to make it smaller?
  3. Yea i had to get a blood test before i got back on so i know its not that i chose abstinence so its probably that thanks yall!
  4. Ok i was on accutane after the first month *80 mgs a day* i had to stop cause my liver tests were high. So after 2 weeks i got back on it now im on 40 a day....and my period is late. I am normally never late im having spotting but not the actual period. Is this normal or no. Being saturday my derms office is closed so can anyone help?
  5. I just had the same thing happen to me it does suck im going for my blood test tomorrow im hoping everythings better now it sucks not being on it...im starting to get oily skin and hair again....sucks!
  6. Dont feel bad im in the same situation. After i finished my first month *about a week ago* i went for my blood work and got a call the next day saying to discontinue the med for 2 weeks then go get blood again. I was on 80 mg/a day....i guess im just hoping for the best Good Luck!
  7. I was taking it not on birth control. I had to stop taking it for 2 weeks to see if my liver stuff goes down my first month i was on 80 mgs a day im hoping i start back up soon!
  8. same here....i was on month 2 and had to stop
  9. I have found out i have to stop for 2 weeks cause of my liver test has any one else had to do this? I was about to start my 2nd month and was excited now im just blah
  10. I had problems with that to...when my doc registered me i never got a password so i had to call....there very helpful though as far as the 2nd qustion im not to sure im new to this as well...starting month 2 on friday good luck sorry if this wasnt helpful!
  11. so i guess starting way earlier than normal.....is normal as well?
  12. I was just wondering if anyone has gotten charlie horses more on accutane?
  13. Iam doing a study on Accutane/isotretinoin and iPLEDGE for my gender discrimination course. If you could please help me by answering these quick questions that would be must appreciated. 1. Have you used Accutane/isotretinoin or one of it's generic forms? (Please indicate which one). Isotretinoin 2. How much did the Accutane/isotretinoin by itself cost you? Did your insurance cover any of the cost? If so, how much? It was $4 dollars with insurance....without would of been $500 3. For women,
  14. I think its normal im on day 20 *80 mgs a day* im seeing alot of breaking out and stuff i heard it gets worst before it gets better good lukc
  15. well i just started like 15 days ago my doc started me on 80 mgs *i weigh around 170ish* ive heard people say its high to start off with but i think if u gradually work your way up its fine