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  1. how can i wish harm? accutane is harmless remember! lol they have so many leaks in their critical thinking and rational thought, i find myself lost at times. never underestimate the complexities of a kinder gardener.
  2. look guys focus on the original post. the kid wants to know how to get accutane. we have all either taken accutane or are taking accutane. lets help him get some by sharing our personal experience!!!
  3. well its not on anyone. you would have to know ducks_three and mines history. context sweety, context. ducks_three im a 21 year old man. i don't care what others think of me. if this is the case then you shouldnt mind my stay here. i dont gain anything by being here other than the satisfaction that i may be able to help those that do indeed take my firsthand experience into account before taking the medication. that is all. im not here to trump people and quote them on a fourm. nor do i have t
  4. my point exactly. meds used to cure serious health issues. i am entitled to state my opinion ducks_three, in my beautiful country, The United States of America. i suppose you would have to ask yourself why i choose to waste my time "trolling" this forum when i have better things to do. i think i put up good arguments on why not to take accutane. firsthand experience that you like to disregard. and I don't believe your insults make a very persuasive counter argument. the only effects i reciev
  5. Yes in regard to dermatology the field, it is rather vague, and contains a multitude of variables. Too many categories and sub categories for me to memorize. Personally I wouldn't take the job, I would focus on just facial skin, or legs, or arms... And they do have derms that focus on sub categories. But they also have ones that claim they can do it all. Except only a few have the all around skill to be an all in one derm. Some are also in they're 60's like my derm. And I think we all have ex
  6. was a good question. check the chlorine levels. always helps to play it safe and be prepared.
  7. good luck. take it with a meal as well. to get the full effect.
  8. Accutane was DESIGNED to treat nodular acne and yet it affects the way a woman produces a fetus...
  9. ^ you haven't even taken accutane and your recommending it to people? you dont find anything wrong with that? and neither have the many dermatologists which you put so highly on a pedestal. your post is filled with blatant layman rhetoric and your whole attitude has me questioning your knowledge in anything. ..pi i took 80mg a day and i was at 160. i only took it for a month and realized it was killing a lot of healthy cells in my body and i quit taking it. a few months later i started getting
  10. im not sure, possibly, depends on how your skin responds to chlorine levels. i think thats what your getting at in your post? has it ever dried out your hair or skin before?
  11. you mean acne is ruining your social life. there are other ways of ridding acne. since hormones play a key role in acne and rather risk taking dna scripting hormonal altering medication (accutane) why not start by changing your diet, exercise, nutrition, attitude in life. of course, you want the "quick fix", like everyone else. ok to get on accutane i went to a dermatologist for the first time to get a cherry angioma removed on my neck and he saw my mild acne and offered to get rid of my acn