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  1. Usually its the sucralose thats added to whey protein supplements that makes people break out
  2. The sucralose in Pre Workouts makes me break out, I tried Cellucor C4 and Hemo Rage black ultra concentrate, both have sucralose and make me break out really bad. I tried cutting out all sugar and only using it every couple days even though its a small scoop i still break out from it. It sucks because the Pre Workout supplements make a huge difference in energy and power but its not worth taking when it makes my face look like crap. Theres an all natural Pre Workout called "Natural Force" i
  3. my protein shakes broke me out, i guess everyone is different, just try it and see how your skin reacts, i was using whey protein by Designer Whey and it made me break out
  4. im also looking for a good moisturizer, right now i am using Eucerin Skin Renewal, its pretty good, it doesnt clog pores and cause more acne, which is he best part, but at the end of the day when i wash my face, my face is still pretty dry,
  5. isnt 50% really strong ?? are you noticing a diffrence in the fading of your marks from the peels
  6. how long have you been using it, are you seeing results with marks or acne?
  7. you didnt see any results from clarity-C ? did you use it twice a day ? i have tried lots of stuff and clarity-C is pretty much the only thing i have seen results from
  8. do you work for the company, your first post and your pushing a product,.... ive never heard of that stuff before
  9. Do you think that leaving the acne mark fading peel on your face for longer than 10 minutes would helpt o fade marks faster ? i mean do you think there would be any kind of reaction if you left it on your face for like an hour
  10. so your seeing results with the aspirin masks ? i was thinking about trying it, i have medium to dark brown skin tone, with brownish blackish marks from old acne,
  11. the whole thing thats crazy, but i dont know for perfectly clear flawless skin...........
  12. To make an asprin mask just get some (uncoated) asprin tablets and add a bit of water and it turns into a mesh. Then just put in on your face and leave it for bout 40-60mins. Theres been loads of topics on it. I didnt beleive it worked till i tried it! It really helps fade my redmarks! and it helps a lot with redness as well and makes my skin feel so much softer. ←
  13. SSS


    I have been using clarity-C for over a month, and have seen good results from it, yeh its not the miracle cure that the ebay ad makes it seem like, bu it is the only thing i have used that has faded hyperpigmentation from acne, i have a medium to dark browm skintone and have lots of brownish marks,a dn red marks from old acne, i noticed a huge difference after using this for over a month, marks have faded, my skin is smoother, and it is overall brighter, like more of a glow, the seller sais to