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  1. ooo wow youre really hot where are you these days

  2. mrrreeow

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  3. I am currently finishing 'tane, and I have to say..... clearing up has changed me alot (and has changed me before). I've been on 'tane twice. It's not even your look that changes - it's what's inside. When you feel good inside, everything on the outside brightens up.
  4. 1. Camera's make your skin look a LOT better than it actually is. 2. The person that posted their picture might have been wearing tons of makeup. 3. A lot of people ONLY like to show the final result - not when they were at their worst (and that's understandable in my eyes) 4. Whether you have 5 pimples, or 30... you still feel shitty. So stop complaining. People that have less pimples shouldn't be made to feel like horrible people just because their acne is not as bad as others. I mean
  5. I know it hurts now... but in a few weeks or months, the pain will subside. And you will realize that you deserve better - and you might not have been as in love as you thought you were. Trust me. I've been in a similar situation.
  6. I would tell them the truth before meeting them. I mean, you've become close right? You can tell them pretty much anything? If they decide that they can't deal with the acne, than that's up to them. I used to have pretty bad acne - than I took the 'tane a few years back, and i cleared up - then I met my boyfriend - just recently (by just recently, I guess I mean in the last year hahaha) I started to break out again. There was this one week that I refused to see my boyfriend at all. I ended up
  7. As shallow as it sounds, many of us are willing to risk getting the side effects of 'tane, for just a year or so of happiness. I know it's superficial, but when I relapsed after Accutane, I totally lost all self-esteem I regained, and I became obsessed with my skin. I'm on my second course, and regaining that self-esteem. I have no idea what the long-term effects of Accutane are - but I know that my quality of life has improved at least 10X. Don't even think about suicide ETDragon... there are
  8. I choose perfect, flawless skin. I figure if I chose money, I would have two problems to worry about - people trying to scam me for money (trust issues), AND bad skin.
  9. I think the obvious answer is, there are more people WITHOUT acne. If there were more people WITH acne, I wouldn't feel so self-conscious about my skin.