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  1. I asked the same question a while ago with no response. Basically, Loma Lux is homeopathic sulfur, so without discussing the merits of homeopaths I think we can say that it's not and will never be a mainstream treatment. The radio spots about everyone using the pill at school are bogus. Also, there are many other less expensive outlets for homeopathic sulfur if you do want to give it a try; with all their advertising, they're simply trying to milk the acne and convenience communities.
  2. Either cut out the B5 entirely or drop everything else and do 10 grams per day. This isn't a linear thing; one gram won't get you 10% of the effect. When starting B5, you likely won't see any effect taking fewer than eight or nine grams.
  3. There has been some speculation as to whether mega-dosing on B vitamins causes hair loss, but the focus lies on hair loss over several months. If it were causing hair loss, you certainly wouldn't notice it in a day or even in a week; it takes longer than that for the B5 to even begin to do its thing. I would say that B5 is a placebo for the effects you're noticing.
  4. Are you sure? You shouldn't notice the effects in a single day, let alone less than that. Perhaps some other supplement is responsible.
  5. I still wonder what exactly "bad acne" is. Do I have it? I'm not sure. I do know that I've never had pimples anywhere other than on my chin, but the nasties are often densely packed there. Does that make me mediocre? I'm into improving myself, sure, but is there no better way to throw $500 down the drain? I can understand your position, but for one would much prefer laser eye surgery (after a few years of that $500) or a Britesmile treatment. I'm going to stick with niacinamide cream and B5 for
  6. Yeah. It's a vitamin known to be a critical ingredient in the formation of Coenzyme A, which gives the body someplace else to dump spare oil than through sebum. I'm in the Southland, in Pasadena, and Great Earth Vitamins works well as a provider, but anyone will work. If everyone sells at too high a price, go for acnemiracle.com. Take no less than 10 grams per day; "easing in" offers no benefit. Good luck.
  7. Yeah, the initial breakout's a little bad. But it lasted only about two or three days?no more than that. I just stayed indoors as much as possible over those two days and now I've seen the glory.
  8. I'm becoming a bigger and bigger fan of the B5 plan. Ten grams of B5 per day, with niacinamide cream applied topically whenever you have the time, although B5 alone is fine as well. BP is so messy and annoying and it leaves a residue on my fingers. B5 works internally and works well.
  9. Really? I've read that the skin does build a tolerance to BP, although not as quickly as to SA.
  10. Yeah, I'm on Day 11 of B5 and I have more acne now than I've ever had in my life! But I have read that there is an initial breakout a week or two in, so I'm not too worried. We'll see if it persists.
  11. I'm now using B5, but I formerly used S. Acid and I found it both easier on the face, more convenient and more effective than BP. BP always left this awful residue on my fingers and despite the "vanishing" claims, always remained on my face. With S. Acid, I'd just wipe my face with a pad for 15 seconds on my way out the door and boom... the regimen was done. I've read, however, that topical medications like SA and BP simply lead the body to counteract by producing more oil over time, so I finall
  12. Why don't you try B5? It's the newest thing, it's effective and it can be taken orally to save you the trouble of topical application--although you can apply it topically if you want. Read some of the other posts on B5 here and look at your local vitamin store for high-dosage Pantothenic Acid pills.
  13. It's just S. Acid and some cosmetic chicanery. You'll get the same effects for much less money with some 2% SA pads and perhaps a facial mask product. If the mask has sulfur or resourcinol, you'll probably see even better results.
  14. Really? I've read in alt.skincare.acne that other B vitamins, particularly B6 and B12, actually dampen the effect of B5. And by the way, original dude, if you have 460mg tablets that'd be 22 tablets a day. Go get yourself a 1000mg timed-release 90-pack from, say, Great Earth, or the powder form at acnemiracle.com. I don't really like the powder because you then have to measure out 10 grams every day. The pills are way easier, and softer on the stomach if you ask me, especially the timed-release