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  1. thank you for your advice and help. i will try all those things you mentioned. thank you once again!! i really appreciate it.
  2. please, i need some advice. i've had acne for 8 years now...started of with severe cystic acne and i've taken everything from antibiotics, to lasers, to birth control, and even two rounds of accutane. at one point it helped, though it didn't go away completely... it's been about 4/5 months now, i have been getting really painful nodular acne, along my jaw. first started off on the right side and now it's also on the left. i don't think i've ever had nodular acne before (everything else, yes but
  3. Hello all, I just have a question about the whole Niacin thing. I've read a lot of the threads where org. users have been talking about the effectiveness of Niacin and how it's helping their acne. I'm a little confused as to which one is better: niacin (the flush kind) or inositol hexacotinate (IH)? A few users have said that IH is better and some others recommend using niacin. Some people have said that IH is more dangerous because it is slow releasing (which affects the liver somehow), but
  4. wow, this is all so heartening. to the original poster: you are looking great. i'm so happy for you! hearing all the success stories has me me really want to give it a try (in fact am going to go and buy some after posting this!). i've had acne since i was 17 (clear before then....) and i'm now 25. i have tried EVERYTHING as well (including accutane, antibiotics, lasers, creams, you name it. nothing worked). i'm using omega 3 fish oil (i have been this past year) because of the success stories
  5. Thanks guys! I really do hope it's a coincidence! I might also try breaking them up, by taking them throughout the day, instead of taking them all in one go. If they persist, then I'll just stop....let's hope that doesn't happen! Thanks again....
  6. Hello all, I just recently started taking fish oil (got it from GNC. It's just called Fish Oil Concentrate). I'm quite happy coz my oil production seems to have lessened however I have been getting these headaches since I've started on them. It's been about 4-5 days since I've started and have been getting these headaches since. Jus to let you know, they are 1000 mg per pill and contain 135 mg EPA and 95 mg DHA. I am taking 6 pills per day because I know that it is the EPA and DHA that is the
  7. Hi there, If anyone from the UK (London) is doing this regimen, could you please tell me where I can find good quality fish oil? I'd greatly appreciate it! Thank you.
  8. Hi all, I've been on it for about a month now. I've done everything under the sun till date and have decided to go back on antibiotics coz the cysts re-appeared and i'm too scared to go on my third accutane round...... . it's really frustrating, now my acne has spread to places i didn't used to get before, like my temples. i'm literally covered. it's awful. they are red and big and quite painful! *sigh* when's it going to end. oh, i also had to stop taking diane 35, coz I developed a lump...
  9. Really? A whole year huh? wow...the doctor said that after 3 needling sessions i'll definitely see some. and claisen, yeah i think that's what happened, the first few days, it was just becuase the skin was raised coz of the bruising from the needles. awwww. haha..i was so excited too! ugh it's so frustrating. anyway, lamarr, what kind of effective topical are you talking about? my doctor didn't really mention anything abot that, about what i should use on my skin after the needling. please
  10. hey!! thanks for much for the info! I had actually logged on to acne.org after quite a long time coz i was interested in looking for information on Micro needle therapy system. I also just had my first one on Dec 6. I haven't seen much improvement, although the first few days, it seemed like the scars were much better (and few of my friends even said it looked better and more raised). Lately though, it looks the same as before. Anyway, I'm also not trying to lose hope after the first one, so I
  11. i think see a doctor asap. could be inflammation, but if it is infection you need to treat it immediately. neosporin until then.
  12. anybody? please, i'm starting to freak out a bit!! i'd appreciate any help!