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  1. Hey I just ordered the Ambi Fade cream - normal skin, online but I've heard so many positive reviews about Ambi. Check out these youtube reviews: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xftRK0w-pE apparently it works really well and if u read the comments below the videos, other ppl have also had positive changes after 2-3 weeks! Hope this helps =)
  2. Thats some of the best advice Ive read on this site I have to agree, a lot of ppl here are pushing for the use of the regimen twice a day...realistically speaking not everyone's skin can manage with that so trying once a day couldn't hurt, and then see if u can handle twice a day...if not resort back to what you were ok with! =)
  3. Hey just wanted to let u know that I use the cream & its really good for people with dry skin, and the gel is good for oily skin. I know that Dan recommends using the gel, but he also says u can use the Neutrogena On the Spot - which is a cream based formula. The gel spreads on easy but takes longer to dry than the cream. The cream is more likely to ball up with ur moisturiser. All in all, try one out for one day (or week) and then the other the next day (or week) and see which one u prefer.
  4. Just wanted to say that I totally agree, I have sensitive skin and I've been using BP once a day and in the morning I just use the same cleanser, jojoba oil and moisturiser. It works for me cuz I found that BP was overly drying although I was slowly ramping up my dosage and following the exact rules that Dan suggested. I just found that after two months, using bp once a day has never made me have any of my past mild breakouts and my skin just feels softer & clearer than before!
  5. Yup i can vouch for the comment above, Panoxyl really does work. I got it from Amazon or you can get it from Pharmacy2u.co.uk. It's great it comes in 2.5, 5 and 10% in gel, cream or wash form. Be careful cuz a lot of ppl have been saying its harsher than other products like Quinoderm but I've neva used those so I wudn't know. Just start up slow, right now I'm using 5% (just like the regimen says) but I only use it once a day. I used it twice a day 4a month and my face reacted quite badly so I re
  6. Hey guys I have to agree with the post above, you can order "Neostrata" either directly from Pharmacy 2u or from Amazon (they sell it from amazon as well). It comes as a really good serum, lotion or cleanser, but i think if ur on the DKR then use the lotion or serum in the morning as a moisturiser. Hope this helps but apparently its really good for really dry skin, which as we all know comes with using BP (if any of u guys use it lol!) =)
  7. Oh for petes sakes! Those are scars from previous acne breakouts. That is not skin dehydration. Do you even have acne because you never know what youre talking about Hahah i'm sorry that's hilarious! I have to agree that looks like acne scaring! And I don't think that guy who's main goal is to 'shut-down' this website, has got acne at all! I've read ur message boards & if moisturising all day and night works for u buddy, then I'm glad, but don't give ppl with obvious acne problems, cr
  8. Well done! I'm so excited for you! I'm specifically not allergic to BP but I have come across many over-the-counter products that I've been allergic to! I hope everyone reads this page cuz this regimen may work for them. I love Dan's regimen & it works for me but I also think he should make one specifically made for people who are allergic to BP (as in they seriously can not use it, and aren't just backing out after one day of dryness...if u get my drift!) Anyone else agree????
  9. I've just recently seen this page and saw ur photos! Oh my gosh ur acne has improved so well and I'm so happy that everything's good with the regimen! Well done, makes all of us new users more positive about improving as well! lol! =)
  10. LOL obviously your life mission is to take down this site. Stop exaggerating so much in all of your posts. BP is not perfect, but it works very well for most people who use it properly. Haha i'm sorry but I have to agree with you on this one. Some people are sensitive to BP and some people have better resistance, or are not allergic. You can't just post on every page on how BP is damaging peoples skin when many ppl on this site have been using BP for years and have seen 100% improvement (wi