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  1. So I decided to look for more information on the Acne Spa light on ebay. I contacted a few people who have bought the device. 2 people responded with positive results. Here they are below. After I get over spending nearly $100 for it, I'll probably nab one. Review 1 I noticed that my acne has been under control and usually I get whiteheads EVERYDAY, now it doesnt happen anymore. My mom also used this and she have problem with sagging and her double chin is pretty much reduced. My friend wh
  2. hmmm. So was using the blue light for a bit. Was okay, although goggles that came with it were really uncomfortable to use. Need to find some better ones. Also the light did cover a decent sized area but now im having second thoughts. Maybe should just get one of the units on ebay. There's 2 that always seem to show up: http://cgi.ebay.com/Acne-Therapy-Light-Spa...=item335bd84b10 http://cgi.ebay.com/Anti-Aging-LED-Photore...=item1c1c671248 Also this looked pretty cool: led grow lights
  3. true, but this one is sufficient to cover like a 2 inch in diameter area at least, at a time. I might have like 3 of those areas. So not a big deal Main reason i opted for the bulb instead of a device on ebay is, the devices on ebay can break, since they have an entire casing and switch, and wires inside probably. And something can go wrong and since im no electronic expert, I doubt I can fix it. With the bulb I know it'll be more durable. Btw bulb came today. Found also where to get the
  4. just ordered a blue bulb, hope it comes within the week
  5. Yeah, I was thinking a spotlight would probably be best for getting the most intense light. However, I'm not sure about buying one online because won't know if it'll fit right or if it'll have enough power. I don't have a Walmart close, but a target. Unfortunately their selection of spotlights leaves a lot to be desired. Most of the spotlights I see though when I search on target.com or walmart.com or amazon.com, are mostly hand held ones. I imagine you could put it on a desk and angle it
  6. Anyone? I just have a regular lamp for now, doubt it'll be good enough. But guess I'll just order the blue bulb soon anyways and see if I can do something with my existing lamp. Going to hold off on buying a lamp or spotlight till I have more info on feasible spotlight options compared to the one good lamp i found. Like I've found rechargeable portable spotlights. I have no idea if those would work. And I've seen a $80 spotlight with a tripod on amazon. But I don't want to spend $80. The
  7. okay so would the spotlight you'd get, have it's own power cord and you plug that in, and than plug the blue bulb into the spotlight? doing a search for lamps, i realized a desk lamp looks likely to be positioned close to your skin, and focus light in one direction. Here's one I've found,, lamp Also found this spotlight listed on amazon: halogen spotlight Would a spotlight like that work so I could just plug in the blue bulb? Im not really sure how to tell what is compatible and what isn'
  8. hmmm where would one get a spotlight, locally or online? And which one would be good to get if buying online?
  9. First, just want to say my peel history. I started with a 30% glycolic acid peel years ago. Did that a few times, nothing special happened. Than I went to a 15% TCA peel, got some peeling, but only a little improvement after doing around 3 peels. Now I was checking amazon and seen a 30% and a 70% lactic acid peel and the description said it was more suited for red marks, as compared to a glycolic acid peel. But how does it compare to a TCA peel. I'm planning to do some more 15% TCA pee
  10. Been reading up on blue/red light therapy. I'm most interested in the red light therapy, because i have a lot of old red marks on my face. Im not sure what would be affordable but still give good results. Acnelamp is around $150 which is at the really high end of what I could spend. Acnederm seems like the better option for me since it's cheaper. But I'm not sure if it comes with a lamp, or just a bulb. Any ideas? Another option I was thinking about was a device called the Spot Clear, by
  11. if anyone has any advice, plz respond.. feel like im stuck at a crossroads here... I like what ive read on the light therapy but not sure which one to get, so that stops me from getting anything
  12. I'm very interested in getting one.. But first I need to figure out is it best to get one on ebay, or try to get the lloyd's pharmacy spotclear advance. On ebay I've seen one that has 412 led's and has both red light and blue light. Not sure how good that one is though. On the other hand theres a lot of positive reports from the spotclear advance device. But it sounded like it was hard to get the device shipped to the US and it only has red lights, not blue lights like some of the device
  13. could it be better to use lactic acid peels weekly rather than tca peels every 3-6 weeks? and also less irritating Btw what about mandelic acid, is that any good?
  14. so should you try to buy from lloyds with the whole calling up and arranging the order thing. Or is it better to find a alternative device on ebay? See a ton of them on ebay but im wary about which ones would even be effective this one so far looks like it has the best value: http://cgi.ebay.com/ACNE-Therapy-3in1-Blue...=item1e5fc109a2