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  1. YAY! treatment done and results have been AMAZING! After almost a year of accutane im done and all my zits, cysts and oily skin is a thing of the past. Treatment took a lot longer then i first thought it would, but bcoz of side-effects i've been taking a low-low dose of 40mg's/day for the majority of my treatment. Little bit of comodones left which is clearing up nicely with the help of epiduo (Adapalen / benzoylperoxide) cream. I feel great and totally confident in my skin, no makeup to cover u
  2. TREATMENT DONE! finished my treatment with accutane about 3 weeks ago. Results are GREAT! No more zits, cysts, no acne what so ever. Skin is nice and oil free, zero shine. Still have some comodones on my nose, but i've been prescribed epiduo cream by my dermatologist. (its a retinoid/benzoylperoxide combination cream), been using it for about a week and it works very well. Already seeing comodones vanishing. All side-effects are gone as well i should say, and allthough it hasn't been a pain fr
  3. my initial breakout was pretty bad. with regular acne and cysts popping up. skin was also red and very sore during the early months. you simply have to give it time. i started in may 09, and now i'm nearing the end of my cycle and i more or less completely rid of my acne. you are on the right track, just hang in there.
  4. down to my last 100 of 600 pills, woohoo! after having some issues with side-effects i've been sticking to only 40mg/day for the rest of my treatment which has been working fine. only side-effects atm is being very dry inside my nose and having a lot of nosebleeds due to this. also dry eyes and dry patches of skin here and there. all of the previous cysts are fading away and theres been very little new acne. there is no oilyness to the skin and i'm very happy with the results so far. going to s
  5. lowering my dosage has subsided this side-effect as well as others. but im still not 100%. can only hope its not permanent. accutane is the only treatment that works on me and im not going back to having horrible cysts and acne now that im improving so much. hopefully i'll have no permanent sideeffects but if i do...well i'll cross that bridge when i get there. the libido thing sucks, but im still "functional" so to speak, just not as much as pre-accutane. worrying about it just makes it worse
  6. having the same problem, and can attest to that it is frustrating as hell. I lowered my dosage and saw improvement within days though. I haven't read anything about it being a permanent side-effect, but common while on the drug.
  7. i have been wearing contacts all the time, but usually keep some saline handy for dripping in dry eyes. taking your lenses out and rinsing them often helps too. also try to wear glasses at home most of the time. i was very oily at first, then super dry and flaky, then normal. find yourself a light moizturiser for the day, and a nice and rich one for the night. also had a bad IB, but just gotta be patient, its just one of those less fun things about accutane you have to go through.
  8. About a month of initial breakout that was very bad, 3 months in now and much improvement. Just hang in there, the IB sucks big time but i get the impression it is a very common side-effect.
  9. Being on accutane SUCKS! I'm having many side-effects and i can tell you it's no fun. BUT...it does work, and I'm set on finishing the treatment. I've tried everything though, and accutane was last resort for me. But at 31 its not something you are going to grow out of. I'm 30 and i know. At our age acne should be a thing of the past, i'd say go for accutane, but be aware of side-effects and know that they get worse the higher your dosage is. Also at 31 you probably won't tolerate the dosages a
  10. Not updated in ages. But been on 360mg/week all summer and been quite fine. Lately though i have had to go back to 40mg per day as the side-effects became too much. The extreme dryness in my nose and accompanied nosebleeds, chapped lips and dry skin on my body (face is quite nice tho) i can handle. The back pain, exema and.....sucks to say, erection problems, i can NOT handle. Feeling a bit low as well psychologically, dunno if its to do with accutane or because of the other side-effects. Been b
  11. After a phone consult with my doc to confirm my bloodwork is oker-doker, i've been bumped up from 280mg's a week to 360mg's. I don't have any side-effects atm besides dryness. The backaches are completely gone. The last of the cysts seem to be drying up and theres not much breaking out, just the individual spot now and then. In short, it's going very well
  12. We're all misinformed and ignorant, while the anti-accutane club sits on alllllll the information right?...bs! The biggest lie they try to push through is how dangerous it is. A potent drug no doubt, but when the severe side-effects mentioned only effects a handful of the people who ever took it, it's safe to say the majority of accutane users will NEVER experience anything other then common and temporary side-effects like dry skin, chapped lips and some join ache.
  13. it'll never be pulled. there are far worse drugs on the market with more severe side-effects. the generic brands of sccutane have made it much more affordable and available to more people. *moderator edit - inflammatory language removed.*
  14. 40mg a day, back and neck pain. Now on the end of week 5 its started to be less painful though. I work out a lot though, that helps. Doing any thing that stresses the back like driving, running, walking all day long etc. makes it worse ofc.
  15. Only reason Roche pulls out off the accutane biz is because pharmacies are selling generic accutane at MUCH lower prices. It's not profitable for them to keep producing it. i get my 100 isotretinoin capsules for around 116 dollars. Roche charged well over 160 dollars for their own brand of isotretinion when it was still in pharmacies where i live. isotretinion will continue to be available as the best cure for acne for those who need it.