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  1. I shouldn't have said "counterproductive" because I'm not really sure how well it works with regards to closing off the ileocecal valve. If it's the right leg pressing against the abdomen that matters or if it's the fact that your muscles relax and the push is effortless (or both). My reason for saying it originally is because you're still sitting while using a footstool just in a more exaggerated way. Sitting puts all the weight in your lower back which causes your lower back to tighten up whe
  2. For some reason the mods removed my link but if you google "ileocecal valve squatting" you can find a bunch. Also if it helps: I only drink water and milk. No coffee, sodas, juices, tea, etc. I try to eat ~100g of carbs with a low glcemic load. No fruits, sugars, sweeteners, or any junk food. I eat really clean (no fast food or prepackaged meals) and very consistently like a typical 1950's bodybuilder diet: nuts, seeds, eggs, oatmeal, yogurt, yams, random veggies, etc. The only time I eat
  3. The stool I use is like half an inch higher than the height of my toilet and it's right up against the front edge of it. I've seen other people online recommend stacking cinder blocks on the sides of the toilet but for me that seems like my legs are too far apart if I do that plus I don't want to wreck my tiles. Splashing hasn't been issue for me (since I'm right up to the front edge and it's about the same height as the toilet) but peeing while in the squat position is kind of an issue. Real s
  4. I've had acne for the past 20 years and I finally eliminated it by squatting while taking a dump. Two months ago I was reading about the health benefits of squat toilets so I decided to give it a try. I do this by putting a stool in front of my toilet and squatting on it while doing my business (I'm paranoid to stand on the toilet for various reasons and apparently sitting on the toilet while having your feet elevated on a stool is also counterproductive). The immediate thing I noticed was how f