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  1. Has anyone used this anti-acne range from Eucerin, AHA in each step. It looks pretty good, doesn't block pores and that. http://www.eucerin.com/blemished-and-acne-...s-to-pure-skin/
  2. Hey I have a mixture of acne, with many clogged pores and blackheads, yet at the same time, i still get large whiteheads and slightly inflamed acne, What do you recommend? Lloyd
  3. I am also in this quest but have no idea where to start! How are you making this cream so far?
  4. Where did you buy the proactive 2.5% B.P on it's own?
  5. +1 Simple hydrating wash was good when i was on BP
  6. Do you think a salicylic acid in a toner is good? I guess that is left on the skin?
  7. So far, I found clearasil ultra to be the best so far without using BP. Slightly drying though
  8. Not at all, theres people on here who use Olive Oil to help fade red marks, I gave it a try for about a month but it didn't really do anything, but more importantly it didn't cause any breakouts. This AHA looks promising, I'm going to get some :) If it turns out to be good its going to save me alot of money, although be warned, AHA makes your skin extremely sensitive to the sun, so remember and wear SPF. How did you find it? Anyone else had any experience with this?
  9. Been using Clearasil ultra for a week or two now, which is 2% salicylic acid. It has made me clear, however is quite drying - I think that's all the other anti-bacterial ingredients they put in it. I Bought garnier pure active today, looks simpler with 2% salicylic acid. Will let you know how it goes!
  10. Garnier do a range called Pure A and Clinique has a range called 3 Step Blemish Solutions. Both of these I have tried and both contain salicylic acid, but a what concentrtion I'm not sure. Clinique is by far the best out of the two of them. It is really helping my skin. The Garnier I found really dried out and irritated my face and caused more breakouts and the moisturiser was rubbish. You get what you pay for with Clinique. I'm sure there are more ranges out there with salicylic acid in you'll
  11. Which do you prefer/find better? I want Dan's BP to be honest, but don't want to pay too much shipping for just one bottle, or import charges for more than 1 bottle. So which of these do you suggest? Thanks, Lloyd
  12. Hello I am in the UK, so suggest items only available in the UK please. I am looking for a cleanser and toner with 2% salicylic acid in, and also a moisturizer with either aha or oil free and shine free. Great thanks, Lloyd
  13. Anyone tried this on the face yet? Looks very promising, although it has olive oil in it. Is that a problem?
  14. Was thinking of trying the sensitive face wash, and the spf moisturizers. I emailed King of shaves and they said the moisturizers do not block the pores. Thanks Lloyd