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  1. so i stopped proactiv almost 2 weeks ago. and moved on to more all natural products. i didn't break out at all. -i'm washing my face with plain yogurt day and night. -witch hazel as my toner -lemon juice -and every week i try to do a facial mask to exfoiliate skin at first, everything was working, until i used my plain yogurt to wash my face. i'm also on Minocin, and stopped it for a while and just started it up again. started my period this week. and i've been kind of on a poor diet. lo
  2. i finally stopped it. so far, no breakouts. and no cleanser either. my face looks just as good as when i was using Proactiv. i'm kind of used to whole no civilization thing now. haha. it's awesome over there. because the water is so clear, and you can all the coral reefs. everyone is so loose and down to earth there. um, i know her first name is Melissa. but that's it. not sure if she's still in the acting buisness. do you have family over in the U.S.?
  3. i'm slowly stopping the use of Proactiv. now, i use the whole 3-step solution in the morning, and just the cleanser at night. then just the cleanser, then suddenly nothing. but lately, i've switched to more natural products. like, lemon juice (working so well right now) and witch hazel. don't know what to do about the cleanser thing though. i'm afraid my skin will really freak out when i suddenly stop, as it does to many people. thanks! I read a few posts of it. i'm so glad I found you, NOW i f
  4. you've prob heard this a THOUSAND times, but it's always different. the thing about acne, is you have to try things out yourself. i believe it's more for people with moderate - severe acne. i had severe acne (it makes you breakout the first 2 weeks to bring acne to surface) it really cleared up a lot (been on it for a year), now i only have a few pimples. it won't clear up 100%. wait a few months while on it for best results. don't use Proactiv just alone. take some Omega-3 (or go to the doct
  5. so i'm going to stop Proactiv. don't get me wrong, it cleared up my skin a lot! Now I have a few red scars and a few pimples. i've recently tried the lemon juice remedy and going to try witch hazel. should I try a cleanser more gentle? and forget about Proactiv? I was thinking like Purpose or Cetaphil. any suggestions?
  6. i have the same story as you. started at young age. got severe. then, used everything. now i'm on Proactiv. when I saw your topic, I was thinking you weren't going to use anything you buy at a store. Maybe a grocery store? When I saw 'All Natural' I was thinking like using home remedies. I came across this. seriously am amazed. and a little scared. i'm thinking about trying it. but, i can't risk how much Proactiv really cleared my skin. i mean yeah i'm sick of the few pimples and the few red s