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  1. Simple question. So I was thinking the other day, does cold or hot water make a difference?
  2. Are there any vitamins i should be taking to help reduce the redness? Im using stuff and its helping a bit but could vitamins help anymore?
  3. No i have it on my face. The shampoo is a prescription given by my dermatologist.
  4. All im doing at this point is using Ketoconazole Shampoo 2%. Is there anything else i should add on everyday that will help me some more?
  5. Im seriously debating about make up at this point. This is just unbearable. Why is this so hard to fight where we have to keep it under control, why cant we get it to go away like acne.
  6. When do you see a definite cure for this disease coming around. Accutane helps acne, why cant there be such a thing for Sub derm? Why do we have to keep it under control? Why cant we just get rid of it for good. Sigh.. Ive had this for 2 years and it is worse then anything i have ever endured.
  7. so i just sent you a pm, hope it helps :) i have to do ALL of that EVERY DAY or the sd gets bad again. i was partying the last two nights and fell asleep without doing my regimen and today it's back :(

  8. Hey, do you have a complete list of how you take care of your SD? Like what you do etc...

    Mine is horrible and i dont really have an actual thing to follow. I want to get rid of it once and for all. How is yours nowadays?

  9. The problem is im in ROTC and I have to work out, I have to exercise. What would you suggest then?
  10. So my SD is horrible now, honestly i am no longer white, im red. My whole face is horrible now. Im on accutane aswell, can i still use it at the same time? I thought SD was caused by oil buildup, doesnt moisturizer have oils? I was told by my derm that my use of moisturizer wasnt helping at all. Can someone give me a complete list of what I should go buy. This includes moisturizer and soap. Do I use the soap on my whole face or just on the SD? Also does anyone have pictures of there SD? Im
  11. Exactly Anyone care to chime in?
  12. Im 3 months in on accutane and now all thats left are redmarks. Ive read mixed answers about whether they will go away or not. On my first dose they seemed too, so im expecting the same even though this time around there was quite a bit more acne!