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  1. All seems well using Hibbiscrub - my skins clear for once ...... mind you that could also be on account of the Lymecycline . at least Hibbiscrub HASNT made the issue any worse.
  2. I thought I'd post some of my findings on Hibiscrub . I'm more than aware theres people like myself trying every face wash going .... I used it for the first few times on an unshaven face . It didn't irritate , but left the skin feeling tight afterwards . I used a very , very small amount with lukewarm water . I then used E45 too . Yesterday , after wet shaving I used the Hibiscrub again with lukewarm water . The result was a mild burning sensation , so I used a good smearing of E45 t
  3. Hello everyone . I've been suffering for years with outbreaks of acne . I've tried every over the counter product going - some are nothing more than sandpaper in my mind . I've been treating my skin like its been "burnt" - in other words as delicate as possible . I've also sought professional help. My G.P has given me just about everything for what he originally called " Shavers Rash" . I wasn't happy and considered the issue of a greater problem . I took advice from an alternative GP , he d