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  1. This wait is killing me october 15th is sooo far away why not make it 2 weeks instead of a whole month ? i mean i havent gotten any in a long time lol i know im not pregnant it just drives me crazy, sorry everyone im just venting. If this stuff works for me it will completely change my life i just wish i had taken it when i was younger things would be alot different for me now.... thanks for listening to me ramble.
  2. Ill be starting in october and the derm has but me on 60mg daily for the whole course (i weigh 125lbs) she told me she would lower it if i had any problems.
  3. My derm told me they put those wrong answers on the ipledge system to see if your actually reading the information they put in the information booklet you get. If you do become sexually active use a condom EVERY time regardless of weather or not your on birth control and dont let boys tell you they dont fit or it doesnt feel as good or they "will pull out" Remember this ....BOYS LIE lol sorry but its the truth and fyi you can go to planned parenthood and get birth control for free and they wo
  4. Hey everyone I'll be starting Accutane october 15th at 60mg for 6 months. I have a question for anyone who is on it or completed their course. I'll be going on vacation the last week of december and i was wondering is their any chance ill be clear or improved by then roughly 10 weeks of taking it ? my derm said it should work quick for me as its moderate acne. I wouldnt care but ill be meeting a guy ive been talking to for over a year and all the pictures ive shown him ive airbrushed the acne ou