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    nice skin, heh... and ukulele =)
  1. spriorda: Thanks for reading, I'll definitely check out your topic! siannaay: I started Dan's products 2-3 yrs. ago... results were pretty quick. There were changes within 3 wks. for me, though dealing with scars, discoloration, etc. took 3-6 months... and I still deal with some discoloration. At first, I would just do whatever Dan says to do. Don't try to incorporate your own techniques. Stick with his directions, and after a while, you can start experimenting with other things. If you're no
  2. I took a break from acne.org for almost a year, but I wanted to come back and keep a more holistic log that wasn't as focused on just Daniel's products. The Regimen definitely reduced my acne (from moderately severe to quite mild), but I still experience breakouts and other problems even when applying BP religiously 2x/day. My skin is ultra sensitive... I thought I'd share what I've been doing and what changes I'm making for this year! Oh yeah, this is really long: Daily Routine:
  3. I got it (: Thanks for letting me know! I'm seeing much improvement now that I'm on week 8. It's actually following your pattern.. it's very encouraging now. haha (: Hopefully it keeps getting better! That's awesome! I'm sure you'll be clear in no time.
  4. oh ok :P ya its a really intense colour (the contacts). Just thought it looked really nice with your dark features!

    1. the colour of your eyes is amazing!

      1. Thanks. That's awesome. Glad we both had success.
      2. Of course I remember you :DD!

        I miss you fo sho!

        My summer is good, hope yours is better!

        1. Hey, remember me? I haven't been around much, but... Hope your summer is going well. :)

          1. I sometimes forget how much progress I've made, until I look back at my old pictures. It's pretty crazy. Thank you for commenting. I plan to upload a few more pics later today or tomorrow. Thank you! Aww, thanks.
          2. Now that you mention it.... I don't know why, but when I found this website and read about the DKR, I threw away all my other acne stuff and was literally convinced that this would work for me. I just knew. It was an awesome feeling. I hope you find what works for YOU! Dan's BP is very nice, so if you give that a try, I wish you the best of luck.
          3. Stick with it stick with it stick with it. Day 11-ish is no time to quit! :] The purging process is pretty horrible, but I think you'll see results later on.
          4. So I took out another cleanser from my supplies, and when I pumped some out, it was clearish-BROWN, instead of just clear. o__O It didn't come shipped that way, and I'm wondering why it could have changed color. All I know is that it's been in my closet at college for a few months, and it has gotten pretty hot on some days. Could that have affected the cleanser? I have no other cleanser to use...! Oh, man, this is annoying... anyway, anyone have an idea of what I should do now?? :/ //edit:
          5. I do spot treatments sometimes during the day... but I always apply all over the face at night. It doesn't take much. I use a dime-penny sized amount.