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  1. Ive had phot rejuv twice and it made my marks really really red and more noticable... The microdermabrasion went over my acne and made it red and very sore...its a mess atm. Its hasnt done much for my blackheads either, I have lots on my nose, large pores too.... I also have had Ipl hair laser removal above my cheek area, it makes the marks already there, really red.
  2. Yer I get abit anal about having dirty pillow slips on my face and usually change my every few days, i also leave my pillows out on the line in the sun too.
  3. I am currently getting Microdermabrasion on my blackheads and large pores.... does this proceedure work???
  4. Has any one here had Microdermabrasion done to their face? I have alot of pores and blackheads on my nose and acne on my face, I have had this done a couple of times but no real improvement, if anything it has made things worse....
  5. I am currently getting Photo Rejuv and Microdermabrasion.... I wouldnt recommend Micro though, the skin specialist was so harsh that my skin and acne is now ten times worse than what it was going in.
  6. Its great to see that your are approaching this crazy time with humour and a positive attitude, it is really inspiring....What % of people have a huge initial breakout when on Tane? It seems ot be scaring all of us wanting to go on it...its funny Ive had acne since I was 16 and I am now 28, but still I am shit scared to get this one BIG supposed breakout... Crazy shit tane is but hey if it works, I am for it!
  7. Hang in there! We r all here to support each other...let us know how you go on this crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzy journey... Trent
  8. Hey Im 28, male, and had acne since I was 16................. I see a skin specialist on the 15th of this month and I am going to beg for Accutane...... I am scared though that Im guna get a huge breakout as my skin is so sensitive, I had 2nd degree burns from using a tanning lamp a few yrs back, I also get ingrown hairs and when i dont shave I get huge lumps and whe squeezed, are all pusy and yuck. My t zone is covered in zits and white heads too, its mild ace but has gotten worse and Ive had
  9. Wow, everybody needs top SETTLE down.....this guy is just giving his opinion, no one is right or wrong here....Water Rev, thats great what your saying BUT you don't have to keep going over it again and again AND again. If people have a problem with what your saying, let it go, its their problem not yours.... As for the water thing, 2 days ago I threw away a BAG FULL of skin products. I was killing my skin by scrubbing and washing my face over and over, every day. I decided, enough is enough and
  10. I alwys get uncomfy if I am waiting in line and someone is too close to me or 'in my space'...I hate it, and usually feel like dumping what it is I have to buy and running for it....Im not good in crowds..
  11. I hear ya... Im 28 and had acne since I was 14 AND I pray every night and have for the last mmm 4 yrs that my skin will clear up... I know one day it will.....and yours will too, have some faith and believe in urself. Just think you could have 3rd degree burns all over ur body, one leg, no fingers, be in a wheel chair...things could be worse... Hugs.