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  1. hi nice to know you!

  2. I'm SO happy for you!! It sounds like you and your skin are doing awesome!! You only have ONE pimple??? ONE?!!! Damn, I dont think I have been able to say that since probly 8th grade!! What books are you reading? I just finished reading brave new world. It was really really good but a tad bit confusing. Anyway, keep us updated I have my next derm appointment on Thursday...I'm kinda scared. I just feel like its too good to be true and I will have to get off accutane for some reason....
  3. Day 24!! 4 more days till im done with one month! Time is going by soo fast!!! WELL I have jumped back on the bandwagon with my diet and excercise today. I need to keep it up because I'm no where near the weight I wanted to be at around this time!! My goal is to loose 5lbs this week. As far as my skin go's I have no idea whats going on with it...some days it looks like everythings going to start going away and then I wake up in the morning and I have new breakouts. they are mostly ar
  4. steph= Thanks for stopping by. Ill check your log out too. I was definitely really scared to start accuatne, i almost didnt even go through with it because of all the stuff that I read on the logs and on the internet....but honestly, you can find whatever you want on the internet to support an side of the story. I'm sure if you looked long enough you could find something about someone saying they took tylenol and got cancer from it or something stupid like that, you know what i mean? There
  5. Hello, just looking for some new logs to keep up with! That story about the girl in sephora pissed me off!! I have so many "friends" that do that shit to me. They have perfectly clear skin and they have to talk about how grose their tiny little pin head pimple is and all that...it makes me so mad. I also hate when people who dont have acne feel the need to suggest acne products to you!! This happens all the time when I go to the mall to buy my makeup. The girls at the counter always feel li
  6. Haha nikki, I feel the same way about my pictures. Although if i see dramatic results and my skin looks way better I would probly be proud to show them, though i would still be embarassed that I ever looked the way I do!!
  7. Day 20 (wow, almost 3 weeks) So its kinda wierd because it seems like yesterday my side effects just stopped. My nose isnt dry anymore....my skin isnt AS dry or red as it was before. I'm not breaking out too bad either. Most of the breakouts on my left cheek are drying up and same with my chin. I do have a few on my right side of my chin and a lil on my jaw line but thats about it...nothing on my forehead at all. My skin isnt oily AT all, i never have to use those oil absorbing sheets anymore.
  8. Hey step, Glad to hear you are doing so great!!! Cant wait until im on day 66. Also glad to hear you are at peace with your grandpa passing away....pretty much the same thing happened to me a few years ago with my grandpa, and of course i was sad for a while but then i realized he is in a better place and isnt suffering anymore Well keep us updated on your progress!!!! Oh and i dont know if you saw my post in your log, but i was wondering if you know anything about accutane raising your blo
  9. Day 18 Definitely started my IB!!! My skin is breaking out BAD especially around my mouth, on my jaw like (on the right side), on my left cheek, a lil on my right cheek, and a couple on my forehead. I changed my next derm appointment to the 9th instead of the 6th, so im gonna have to go one day without accutane, they said its not a big deal at all. All i know is a few days before that appointment im gonna start calling the pharmacies and making sure the target i went to last time has the sot
  10. Day....um....17!! OMG my skin is SOOOOO dry. It looked good for a couple hours after I did my makeup but around 7 my skin was so dry and flaky it was literally falling off!!! It was so embarassing..i was at work and I just wanted to put a bag over my head so no one could see me. You cant cover up flakes with any amount of makeup!! Its mostly around my mouth area but the rest of my face is dry and flaky too just not AS bad. In other news, i think my IB is starting. I am breaking out pretty
  11. are you on accutane?? If so its probly just dry eyes...im kinda experiencing that myself a little but nothing serious.
  12. I work at a nusring home too...are you a cna?? But ya, what you are descripbing is definitely eczema. I am totally prone to it and got it on my arms and hands all the time before accutane and now that i started accutane im getting it too. Sometimes it leaves white marks on my arms. Just try some hydrocortisone cream...sometimes that works. Keep your arms and hands really moisturized and I probly wouldnt use the hand sanitizer, its too harsh.
  13. Day 15 (time is flying by) Well, I guess im starting to wonder if im gonna pass the IB by. Since I started i really havent had any bad breakouts. It looked like it was kinda bad for a couple days but then everything went away. I guess the prednisone really helped. All im experiencing right now is dry dry dry, kinda itchy skin, rash on arms and hands, weird as hell dreams (I know I keep repeating this, but its so crazy). Dry lips obviously....and thats about it. I weighed myself this
  14. Day 13 Skin is super super dry. I had to put two coats of moisturizer on this morning and on top of that sunscreen and on top of that makeup!! haha. God i freekin hate makeup and would be so excited if accutane leads to me being able to NOT wear it. Or at least just being able to go out with a little mineral powder or something....I just hate having to get up extra early so i can sit in front of the mirror and literally paint my face with a makeup brush and foundation. It seems to only ma