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  1. same problem, even the girl. were not dating or anything, shes way to good for me but i am going to the formal/prom with her. apricot scrub i stole from my sister seemed to work pretty good but not fantastic. biore pore strips work pretty good to. ive only used them twice, the first time i wet the thing by accident and it did nothing, the second time it works good around the nostrils. strait after i shower i squeeze them out. i have a big nose and bad acne. and i think im gunna stop moisturiz
  2. holy shit i had the same thing. ive had acne for ages. but just a little on my forehead and stuff. then i met this girl and was like holy shit. and i couldnt get her out of my head. i wasnt eating or sleeping much and that made me stressed. its been like a year now. but my acnes getting better
  3. try bio oil. its like a mix of all of them. dont put much on. about 2 drops on each cheek. also for your black heads. have you heard of delnas regimen?? any way theres this thing i saw on youtube. wisk an egg white with a squeez of lemon. apply it to your face. put tissue paper over it. then put more eggwhite over that. makes like a mask thing. it works really well but you gotta let it dry. so yer. check out delnas regimen. then search egg white mask. on youtube. its a black lady that do
  4. well guys? did it ???????????????
  5. well ive been using this acv bicarb and mask for just over a week. seems to be working. my formals at the end of the year and im going with the prettiest girl in the school. wish me luck on my marks. if i can figure out how to upload photos i will. i have a photo from the day befor. also mines worse. not as big ut definatly worse. i look like i have a scar belaclaver.
  6. hey look what i found. kinda like what we do. hows your red marks going by the way.


  7. no your right you use the powder form. because drdeadly must of accidentaly wrote not powder. because if you mix liquid, with water. chances are you wont make a paste.
  8. does you face feel tight after the egg mask? i use mine after shower. i think ill start trying befor

  9. works for me, i got some really small pimples about 3 but my skin looks so much better it kinda takes the reddness away from inbetween clusters of marks first . i do the egg thing. nobody else does
  10. doesnt look to bad. and did you pop this acne befor. if so its just post inflamitry hyperpigmentation. other than that just acne. also i wouldnt fret ide kill for your skin
  11. not to sound retarded or anything but what do you mean by "potent"
  12. this is my regimen. morning. cold shower. bior ice cleanser with salcilic acid. hamiltons no shine 30spf moisturiser << its great pm. same cleanser. the whole bicarb, acv and egg mask thing. then 5% bp
  13. well i dunno about what type my acne is either. its not cosmedic cause im a boy but i know stress acne usually forms around the mouth. thats why ive broken out in grade 12 well i dont put the olive oil all over my face. pretty much just the nose down. and you can feel how dry your skin is when your putting it on. do this once a week and no i dont break out. but it makes your skin rad smooth and earlier on you asked if you can use vitamin e with bp. well ive tried putting it on one side of
  14. actually i ave some acne. so if you find you have about 10 white heads and the rest are rounded. look into it