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  1. Same. Been using it for 5+ years. no problems.
  2. CCasey

    Non-irritating removes oil No Foam I have light acne, most of which is attributed to oily skin. The cleanser works and removes dirt, oil, and such. The only negative is that it doesn't foam, so I feel like I have to use more pumps than necessary to clean my face. With that said, I'd still recommend the cleanser as it is a lot cheaper than my old one (dermalogica).
  3. It helped, yeah. But I'm not certain how effective it was. I stopped using it on my face for quite a while, and only use it on my chest as it had quite the red marks from persistent acne growing there. To sum it up: AHA+ on Face = somewhat effective, didn't use it long to judge fairly. prefer manual exfoliation. AHA+ on Chest = super effective Yeah there's lots of products out there, so can only go by what people recommend. It's (AHA+) is rated 4.36/5.0, so you can check out other peop
  4. I had the same problem. I have really oily skin, so its tougher for the dead skin cells to slough off than a non-oily skinned person. My preferred method that I'm using from now on is to use a cloth to manually exfoliate. It helps get rid of what little red marks I have and gets rid of the dead skin cells effectively. Try googling or searching these very forums for things like micro fiber cloths, mittens, bamboo (something like this) products. See my sig for the product I use and would vouch it
  5. Yes, I've noticed the same thing. Usually starts a noticeable red ---> transitions to lighter tone of red ---> starts turning brownish ---> and finally blends in with my skin color. Could be the sun, but you're wearing sunscreen, so doubt it.
  6. My acne was mild at worst, but I made the mistake of applying two different moisturizers on top of each other. Anyways, my left cheek broke out terribly. What I did was: 1) Treat and stop any acne that pops up around blemised area (most important step IMO) 2) Started Using AHA+ (Dan's product, gave some results...) 3) Manual Exfoliation of some sort (your preference as to which method) my personal ranking: Cloth > Sponge > Brush 4) Time (most effective solution) Now you can
  7. I've been sleeping at 1-3 am for last year+ or so. I'd say it has little to no effect on my skin. Then again, oily skin and non-exfoliated skin is the only thing that really affects whether i develop any zits and what not.
  8. Dan's AHA+, helped fade red marks on chest. Dan's AHA+, manual exfoliation (cloth, brush, etc) and most importantly time helped fade marks on my cheeks~ Not sure about the timeline, but if I had to guess, 6months for semi-significant results, 1yr for noticeable results, 1yr+ little to no self-consciousness with skin while under light (be it classroom white light, sunlight, etc.) I have really mild acne, but I messed up using some moisturizer products and my cheeks exploded with acne.
  9. I previously recommended the Buff Puff Sponge in this thread, but want to recant that post now. While it did help with exfoliation, it's not effective in getting areas around the nose and stuff and isn't that gentle. I now use miracle peel cloth. Exfoliates really well and consequently helps fade red marks.
  10. For me, time + exfoliation. No particular product except for maybe Dan's AHA+. Give it a year or more to see significant fading of the red marks.
  11. Well, i just think of the consequences of touching my face and weigh it against the need to touch my face at this moment. I just dont touch my face with my fingers, and if i have to, I use the back of my hand to graze my face or whatever.
  12. The jojoba oil exfoliating method is alright. I've used it a few times, but its not quite as thorough as the method I currently use (buf puf sponge). I used a cloth a few times. Terrible idea as I scrubbed too hard, and if I didn't it would not remove the "flakes". I would just use exfoliate using something soft and non-irritating-such as a brush of some sort. It helps get rid of the tightness of the face you feel after a shower and will make your skin/face feel more comfortable.
  13. I just use oil-absorbing sheets. It's pretty inexpensive and gets the job done. I would just do a max of 2 washing face/showering a day and oil-absorbing sheets in between.
  14. Well, I don't know how quickly the results will come in, but I personally use a facial sponge to exfoliate my face. My red marks are hardly noticeable, even when I just showered or under flourescent light. There was a huge thread about using a baby brush to exfoliate your face while showering. Here's the thread: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/140618-the-official-baby-brush-method-thread-for-exfoliating/ However, I wouldn't expect immediate results, but it's not expensive
  15. Been using it for close to 2 years. I use it on on and off. At first I used it 3 or so times a week and gradually reduced my usage due to laziness. Anyways, I can definitely say it's reduced my red marks a lot. But I also managed to reduce my acne overall so that I wouldn't keep getting red marks and end the cycle. TL;DR: It worked for me, but I'd give it at least one month before judging its effectiveness.
  16. That's why is generally advised that you test new products on a part of your skin you don't mind has a breakout. One such location some recommend is near your jawline. Test the product there for a few days. Anyways, I've been using it for 2 years or so, sucks it didn't work for you. D:
  17. I would exfoliate. I get those too when I don't exfoliate as much as I want. I use manual exfoliation as the chemical method does not work for me. Buf Puf sponge is what I use.
  18. It doesnt have to sting. I'd say use it 2-4 times a week.
  19. CCasey


    1) Yes. Yes. 2) Yes. 3) Quite a while. I've been using it for nearly 2+/- years and while it's faded my red marks considerably, there's still some left. 75%. 4) No. Use a test patch on your skin if you're afraid. 5) Suppose to be the opposite since it exfoliates. Not sure though. 6) Yes, whole face or red marks. I do the latter personally. 7) Sure, but I don't think AHA is strong enough to remove blackheads. 8) I dont know. I just put it on in place of a moisturizer. 9) I dont. Others may have
  20. CCasey


    Any will do for me, but i personally use the clean and clear oil-absorbing sheets. 50 sheets for under 5 bucks or so.
  21. I think it's fine. I mean, my face feels perfectly fine. And I prefer to not use sunscreen over my moisturizer. Actually been doing sunscreen only for 1+ years, so I say go for it. Moisturizer when home and not outside, otherwise sunscreen when going out when sun still up.
  22. in my experience, i find it goes from red-->brown then gone.