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  1. microderm its been working so well for me so far (ive had 3 treatments in one month )
  2. i would suggest microdermabrasion. ive had 3 treatments so far (no peels with it though because it is the summer) and even though it is pricey it is seriously working so well for me 1st treatment - didnt see much results ; smoother skin 2nd- red marks appear to begin to decrease and lighten 3nd - red marks significantly look better and less red; skin is bright and clearer looking its going very well so far good luck
  3. CLEAN AND CLEAR SPOT TREATMENT <3 ~at nighttime after you clean your face , put some on the spot and do not rub it in. just spread over the top so u have a white film (just on the spot!) it'll dry it trust me > bye bye pimple ~ ~`i have no more acne ; just a pimple/two pimples a month (very small) ~
  4. i know personally for myself, i broke out when i first stared using epidou; give it 3 weeks and everything should be calm and no new ones. or atleast that is when i began to see improvement. i also was using a product that enhances the efficiency of BP as well so im sorry i dont know how much help my advice is going to be but stay in there are be sure to look up if any of your other medications do the same as i did. good luck and stay strong
  5. I have KP on my arm and the redness (not the bumps) on my checks ; for ur arms exfoliation is the best thing u can do, i also dont mark if i pick at the bumps so after exfoliation its all gone for me as for the facial redness ( cheeks) rofl this is gonna sounds so cheesy but it gives me character. yes its annoying when people are always asking why i am blushing but i will never have to put blush on in my life and always have a "cute" glow to my skin. i have come to accept it after having KP fo
  6. hmm my only side affect is that some pimples take FOREVER and when i mean forever im telling you FOREVER to go away (this was after i started epidou) but u said u are just beginning to get pimples now , i would go to derm after 4 weeks and if you keep getting acne ask him to pair this with a bp it really works wonders
  7. yayyyaaa im so happy that epidou worked for another when it comes to the red marks time and microderm are really the only two options with derm gave me . im going to be trying a new serum that is suposed to help the red marks ill be trying soon this week ; after 7 days illl tell you guys how it worked fo me and where u can get it i love you positive attitude
  8. Microdermabrasion sheds the dead skins cells on the top layer of your face. You will see minor results on your first session. Multiple sessions are required depending on the severity of your red/dark marks. It's impossible to say. I had red marks I noticed strong improvement after the fourth treatment. Your dermatologist may offer a microdermabrasion package which is cheaper than paying for each session one at a time. quite true..everyone sees the result differently and at different stage...
  9. check if isotretinion gel contains bp , that could be ur reason bp prolongs the appearance
  10. bp prolongs the apprerance of marks on your face (its sad because bp works so well too) but im guessing if u use the ACV before ( followed with u good moisturizer after the bp) it will cancel out some of the effect. i also suggest maybe just putting the bp on the spots only that need it and trying the ACV as well , if u feel u wont get more breakouts if not i would go to a derm and talk about ur options. congrats on no more acne the read to clear skin is one step closer ! : )
  11. aw noone has gotten this done ~ micro derm..are u doing it at face of man? i am on my 4th session to 5th and to be frank..i was worried till my 3rd session....i notice nothing changes except the amount of slightly smaller pores.... but as advice by the beautician there...the changes will show in the 6th or 7th session and for me, i notice smoothening in my 4th session! now im looking forward to my 5th session... i am not so sure abt the redness...as what i notice was the uneven deepness of t
  12. hello i was never on accutane (i only had mild/ moderate acne at worst) but i do have red marks like you guys . my advice 1. always wear sunscreen - the light makes them purple-brown - darker- much longer to go away ~ oh and on a side note the averge acne mark will go away in 3-6 months but that is for majority of people there are ecceptions 2. Moistttttt - moisture is the best thing, and yes it does keep them looking better 3. BP prolonges the marks as well 4. microderm (what i
  13. aw noone has gotten this done ~
  14. i use neosporin on red marks and when i used to get big pimples : it was my savior :)