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  1. 120 MG per KG is what most think should be taken for best results and drastically reducing chance of relapse. I was wondering if this would be affected if one were to lose weight. If you start at 75 KG and lose weight to 65 KG that would be a difference of 1200 MG would the total dose change? The weight loss would be gradual taking a months but, since the accutane stays in the system would should be done? My brother is almost on month 2 and has lost 10 lbs so far. Not due to the accutane he
  2. My brother is on accutane and is having his IB. Due to his fear of scarring and reminghim not to pick/scratch anything. This got me thinking there are those with moderate to severe acne that open or burst on there own, is this something that is just accepted int hat it may lead to scarring do to poor healing? You always hear about not having surgery/ resurfacing procedures due to poor healing and chance of scarring but, what abot the pimples that open, cysts that burst. Is it just the chance you
  3. It depends on your skin type and the depth and age of the scars. The TCA peel is a chemical peel that will be applied to the effected area and depending on its percentage it can be medium or a deep peel. The needling is manually injuring the skin to produce collagen in that specific area. I would recommend TCA peel for individuals with lighter skin tones as darker complexions typically can result in more undesirable side effects. It never hurts going to a good dermatologist to get their opinion
  4. Something I have been wondering is, if, TCA is a viable treatment option for certain scars would those same scars not respond just as well to needling the scar individually? What is the difference? They both aim to cause damage to the skin to allow the healing process to fill it it.
  5. I would think that the hyperpigmentation, if it happens at all would be temporary. I mean if the color change would be permanent than why do many not treat the nose, upper lip, or eye areas.
  6. If someone only has a few box scars can they opt for spot treatment? I wonder if anyone has done that. I would prefer someone do that than say TCA.
  7. I have recently been looking into peptides and wondered if anyone had tried them. I first got the idea because a few friendfs of mine use peptides (TB-500, ghrp-6, CJC, and a few others for bodybuilding/physique purposes). I then came across "Cosmetic Peptides" and after reading up on them it seems that they are the real deal. Many have multiple research/studies to back them up. You can read brief descriptions here:http://www.peptidelabs.com/ They are a bit pricey but, I would be willing to
  8. Matt have you used Copper peptides? I have read that some people reported bad side effects but, most were using it to just treat wrinkles without having any type of procedure done. GHK-CU (copper peptides) are better used after procedures because they dramitically help with wound healing, stimulation of collagen, etc. I am thinking that using after subcision, dermarolling, and/or needling may help. A 2% GHK gel showed promising results in treatment of 120 diabetic patients, increasing the pe
  9. I just thought of something and was wondering whether it would work. When someone has dermarolling/stamp or needlling the bleeding stops pretty quickly but the redness may last for some time depending of how hard you go. Would it be possible to get some type of light treatment or light laser to hepl with redness? Would it be beneficial? Hamrful?
  10. Did the entry point leave any type of markings/scars?
  11. Afters have been altered. This is a skin tightening treatment, exactly how is it supposed to fill in deep ice pick scarring??
  12. Is MAX FX just Active FX with total abaltion? If so, can one get a DEEP FX with MAX FX for resurfacing and collagen production or would that be too much?
  13. Glad to hear your skin has settled down and you're doing better. It sounds like you're in good hands with Dr. Rahimi. I hope you receive good permanent improvement from subcision. Good luck with healing! Please keep us updated on your final outcome. @DRaGZ - Do you know what settings Dr. Rahimi used or the depth of ablation? I have no idea, to be honest. I know he kept changing settings during the procedure, like when he moved onto a different area he paused to change settings on the ma
  14. Dragz, any chance of getting an update or photos? We have similar scarring and I am trying to plan out my course of action. I have spoken to Dr. Rahimi and have been put on Minocycline in preparation for the subcicion/mixto treatment.