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  1. heard alot about this leaking problem. my aha done leak as well when it arrives sometimes. why not put a plastic seal around the cap? just my 2 cents. save both parties a great deal of trouble, esp on dan's side
  2. oh, but u can do interbank transfer? alot of us are participating in "group orders" and sharing the shipping costs. i'll give u the link soon.
  3. hey man, aha is helping but very slowly, not as fast as i would have liked it to be. sg also got sell Avene AHA + BHA cream.. but quite ex, use dan's aha+ better. but one thing's for sure is the AHA made my complexion become much smoother. ordered 3 tubes liao lol
  4. i was on DKR 4 months ago for my moderate acne on my cheeks. used DKR for 2.5 months and im 90% clear. its been 2 months since i stopped spreading BP all over my face and im still clear. using AHA every night though. in the morning i'd apply rosken skin repair with vit E. so far im clear after 2 months off the regimen.. maybe u wanna try aha?
  5. ok i drank florida's orange juice [ the 100% pure orange juice,2 litres, hella $$$] and i had 4 new pimples, does orange juice really cause new pimples.. hmm damm, everything that i love to eat/drink hates me.
  6. lol ill be pretty pissed off myself. tell one of the mods or dan about it. im sure they'll do something about it.
  7. have to agree with adam, soap is really bad for ur face. im a living example of what happens when u use soap to wash ur face for one week, when i forgot to bring my facial cleansers to my hostel.
  8. actually i posted a thread, along with a few others asking if they experienced the same thing, having cystic acne. i guess to me, this is the only downside for Dan's BP.
  9. one of my lumps is disappearing slowly. i put a heck lot of salicylic acid last night and this morning i washed my face with clearasil's face wash. the dead skin falked off the lump and i :)squeezed:) it. as expected, there was a "whitehead" that was blocking my pore. once i managed to removed that, the lump is disppearing. i still have 2 more lumps though, not yet ready to disappaer i guess.
  10. lol. i just posted this in the regimen forum, no replies too. im having 3 of these lumps as well. weird huh. what im doing now is using 2% salicylic acid [Avene Pimple Remover] and its growing smaller and smaller. yeap, its the BP thats causing it i guess. weird huh. im waiting for my AHA to arrive and see if spot treating it will help prevent it from growing bigger.
  11. i ordered the AHA cream. intend to use it just for spot treating. maybe use it on my whole face just ONCE a week. mav i think the AHA+ isnt responsible for the cyst. same ere, ive never gotten bumps b4. now i got 3. i've just googled around randomly and there are ppl saying BP causes it. i dunno though. but it is a possibility, not saying it DEF causes bumps.
  12. hmm i use dan's BP just once every 3 days, i have mild acne.. just a couple of pimples here and there sometimes, nothing too serious. but i've been on dan's "personally not so strict" regimen and found that i started to develop bumps underneath my skin! i never had this before... i remember this dude called adamrodrigue said BP will cause cystic acne and hmm right now i have 3 of it, i can feel it like a ball underneath my skin. i think it has a certain truth to what he says... might wanna s
  13. yea i know BP does not help fade red marks. the skin will naturally repair itself but BP DOES impede its progress. my question is, does Salic acid impede it as well?
  14. I bought my Sal Acid from here (Acne.Org). You go to the STORE, there is a YELLOW BEAN at the left bottom which tells you BE A PART OF A BETA PRODUCT TRIAL. Just click it and you will see the Sal Acid. It is really a great product. My face will be red initially, but the redness will subside after a while, say 30 mins or so. I am not really bothered with it, since I am at home most of the time. Yes, I think I will consider to sell my bottles of BP and Moisturizer off cheap but I wonder if anyo