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  1. I've been doing the exact same thing for 3 weeks too now! What I cut out: dairy, gluten, rice, refined sugars, red meat, processed foods, soy What I still eat: eggs, tons of vegetables, antibiotic/hormone free chicken, fruits, sweet potatoes, oatmeal (just one serving in the morning D: ), almond milk, olive oil, coconut oil I break out the same, or more than before starting the diet. I still have cystic acne and I got a huge cyst right next to my nose that has been there for two weeks now
  2. i left you a response on my gallery!

  3. Hi there! Thank you so much for your posts! I came off of Orthocept28 3 weeks ago and I've been trying to do everything I can to mitigate the side effects I've started using the regimen at the same time and my acne has started to become severe. I researched a lot and have stopped dairy and soy and sugar as they trigger androgens I haven't noticed much change (because it's been a week probably) but I hope it'll make a change...The only change i see is losing weight which I don't really want
  4. I'm currently at one week and my face is SOO FLAKY tooo you can see a scaly patch on the surface of my skin and it looks so bad and it feels super tight. How has your skin been? I can't help but pick it and stuff. Wherever I smile, my skin cracks and it creates puzzle like pieces in my skin, making it super visible that I look like a lizard. I only use BP at night too, and I haven't even used BP for two days and it's still so dry. -____-
  5. I've been on this diet for two days now and so far it's worked the best for my acne! I've been using the Acne.org BP for around five years now and while it used to work for me, suddenly my skin has become extremely sensitive to it. My skin tone was constantly uneven and redness was prominent everywhere. My acne was definitely not going away. Story of our lives right... A week ago I decided to stop BP all together and focus on moisturizing my skin and not irritating it. At the same time, I
  6. Hi!! Thanks so much for messaging me (still not really sure how this website works... ^-^)! Basically, I'm just having trouble clearing up red marks/scarring. The scarring is pretty minimal I think (hard to tell with the red marks), but I was wondering if you used any particular method to help speed along the process! Thanks again!

    1. Scarlett0


      WHOOPS! It's been two years...I had been off Acne.org for a while, I'm so sorry!

      Red marks I would definitely say the BP regimen because it has a "peeling" effect, same with Salicylic Acid. I used to cover up my red marks with Neutrogena Skin Clearing makeup and it has Salicylic Acid 0.5%, and I feel like that contributed as well. I wouldn't recommend doing anything more extreme than a BP 5% or Salicylic Acid 0.5% because it jeopardizes your skin to be more pr...

    2. Scarlett0


      prone to acne from the dryness and you'll soon end up with problems more than just red mark scars.

  7. Hey there! I saw you commented on my picture and I thought I replied to your comment but I don't see it anywhere so I'll see if this works. It seems like you're having a lot of trouble dealing with your skin and it also sounds like we have a similar skin type and I know how it feels like so if you have any questions, please let me know!

  8. Since I've been on the regimen for around 5 months now, my acne is all gone but I have still have scars that need to be covered up. I use the minimum amount as possible because I've noticed that they make your pores bigger cleanse your face as usual in the morning. Apply a little bit of BP maybe 1/2 a pump. because your face will be less dry than when you use a full pump, you only need to add a little more of moisturizer to help the dryness because the moisturizer will leave a small or big oily
  9. i was wondering the same thing! what kind of makeup do you use? My face is sorta red from the regimen and I need to cover it up and I use the "Neutrogena Blemish Treatment makeup" in natural tan
  10. I think it's great actually-It doesn't leave that much residue I was just wondering if the Regimen would still work even if I put sunscreen on Good luck! I think you should get the one listed above, it's a little more expensive than the other ones though...
  11. Hi everyone- (i keep on posting so many topics sorry) My mom has perfect soft skin and she says it's because she always avoided the sun and always used sunscreen. (She had no acne when she was younger) And unlike her, I'm prone to acne yet I still want to keep my skin from becoming damaged, leading to spots and wrinkles when I'm older so I really want to use sunscreen. (I didn't use it in the past because I was afraid they'd clog pores and make my face look xtra oily) My dad is a doctor so he
  12. Hey everyone-- so apparently in california, we have to be able to swim 8 laps so we're having this swimming unit thats going to last for 3 weeks (through homecoming week..which really sucks...i'm gonna look crappy) I recently purchased the Acne.org Regimen products (the BP and the moisturizer, Cetaphil gentle cleanser) I was just wondering if you guys can give me some advice on what I should do for my face after I'm done swimming? I'm guessing chlorine is bad for your skin also? (Swimming unit
  13. I feel the same way! Well not really because I am sorta shy with or without acne but the acne is sure making it worse for me to talk to guys I like. I feel like I wanna be flawless before ever talking to them.
  14. Hi everyone-- These past few weeks, a lot of annoying whiteheads have been popping up and they each tend to leave a scar even when I don't pop them. I just cover them in Benzoyl Peroxide before I go to bed. This might sound impossible but school for me is starting in two days and I want them to look as unnoticeable as possible by then. I will appreciate any advice on how to deal with whiteheads. Thanks so much everyone