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  1. keithr23, It is so good to hear that you have had a great experience w/dr shidler. I had a consult w/him a couple weeks ago and was not impressed. I had no idea that he had been a doc of the year but it did take me a couple months just to get in. My experience was of a sleepy doctor who was falling asleep during my consult. He told me that dermabrasion is something he no longer will do and that I could benifit from fraxel (all this while he rubbed his eyes). He kept blinking a lot and I just fel
  2. Forgive me but my reply is going to sound vague. I don't know much about it either. I went to doctor many years ago that gave me booklet telling about the scaring occurs under the skin. If I remember correctly it is because the cyst or nodual bursts under the top layers of skin. The reason this happens has something to w/a gland problem. The pour is blocked extreamly deep thus scaring all the layers of skin above it? Uhh,Yesh, Does this make ANY sense? I have to agree that this "acne" is way un
  3. Baravykes-I don't know if your message was refering to what my daughter said but NO. I have not had any treatments to reduce my scaring. I think that 80-95% improvement is a lot to hope for w/any treatment. She was refering to my scars as my acne has not been active for many years. I am thinking like smoothlover said, that there will be a preventitive other than acutane for some future generations.
  4. Well. My Dad has acne scars and my Mother does not. I was always really proud of my Dad and I can't remember ever giving his scars a second thought as a kid or teen. Maybe I would have felt differently if it had been my Mom that had the scars. As for myself,I have a five year old that has already told that she does not want me around her teacher and the other kids in her class because of all those "things" on my face. It hurt my feelings but I realize that she is just a child. I think that love
  5. I was suprised how much responce this post has gotten. It could be said that I would be a different person w/o the scars and who knows what my life would be like if I had have taken the accutane. I am not sure why I did not anyway,Maybe we are all better people for it. My husband gets really angry when I tell him about the comments-he always tells me that I should confront people but he does not understand that what I want to do is run away and hide,cry and never go out in public again. I am th
  6. I am sad that you know what I am talking about. It is nearly impossible to forget. I am 33 and I think I could write a booklet. I actually confronted a woman once. I was in applebees and I went into the restroom. I went into a stall and one woman said to another"did you see her face! I have never seen someone with worse skin!" They went out of the restroom-It was a VERY good thing that they did. I decided to find them if they were still there. I walked up to their table and I told the woman-"Y
  7. This happenes to me every now and again. I was in target today and three young guys walked by and one says "man,right there is one reason not to do crack!" Argh! I try not to let stuff like that bother me but it still hurts. I also wonder if maybe people think my scars are actually from doing crack? I know that happens sometimes. The worst part is that I am really prude when it comes to drugs or anything like that,my scars are from acne. I am sure that today won't be the last shitty comment I ge
  8. I don't have any answers for you but personally I think your skin look okay. However,I know that just because this is my oppinion that does not help how you feel. Im sure hope you get the answers and support here that you need.
  9. Hey, I have a question. Anyone here know how much it is to have dermabrasion on just the cheeks done w/DR. Y? I am curious. I know it is like 5,000.00 for full face. I can not stop thinking about having it done. Thanks, mama
  10. I am 32 and have a husband that loves me dispite my scars. It is ME that has the problems w/the scaring. I do feel blessed to have my dh since I am very emotionaly bothered by my scars. It si the emotional probelms that are the true scars. You can find someone who will care about you no matter what and see the person that you are inside. Also I don't think that it would make a difference if you were a homosexual. The person that said that was obiously shallow but more importantly what do you wan
  11. I have posted here a few times before. I had decided to have dermabrasion w/dr Y and it feel through for me pre- katrina. It is hard for me to post pics but desperately want to do so to get your oppnions here. These scars are from really awful cystic acne. I have all types of scars,you name it,Ive got it. It is a wonder I ever met my husband as they are extreamly emotionally devastating. I have my good days but mostly I hide in my house taking care of my kids. I would tell anyone who is struggli
  12. Hi, I am curious if Dr. Y takes Charge cards? Thanks, Valerie
  13. sword, Congrats on your dermabrasion! It's a big step-I can't wait to take myself. Best of luck w/your outcome. Mamascarface
  14. I first of all want to say thanks to all of you whom have been posting your experiences. I have been lurking for quite some time and after much consideration have decided to throw caution to the wind and give dermabrasion a try. I know that I won't come out of it w/the skin I was born w/and I MIGHT not even see much of an improvement but I HAVE got to give it a try. Thanks for Sooo much invaluable information about all type of different treatments and your personal experiences. This site is a g
  15. Sorry,old guy, I wish I was making up lymhpatic acne!!! Perhaps this is not the place for me-this is my last post. Thanks for the support-Oh,I don't "mess with peolples heads"