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  1. My hairstylist said they have all been trained in her salon that they are not to wax any customer who is on accutane. This is because you can actually end up tearing/waxing the skin off in the eye area. When you pluck you aren't pulling on the skin, just the hair itself, so I assume that should be fine. I'm starting month 3 and I've been plucking without any issue.
  2. I've started taking Accutane (actually claravis) for the 1st time at age 27. I have what would be called moderate, persistent acne. I started 20 mg on August 1st. By day 12 I was seeing results. By day 25 things looked amazing. When I saw my Doc on day 30 he said he that my results were incredibly dramatic--he was pretty shocked. He bumped me up to 40mg. At that time my skin was soft and smooth looking (I had a lot of breakouts, a couple cysts, and scarring before). I was all the sudden receivin
  3. ACV is working for you guys internally? I may try that then. The info I read on it suggested using it as a toner. My skin was the worst it had been in years using it as a toner. It caused me to get really deep, large pimples--at least 1 or 2 new ones everyday. I didn't have the courage to use it longer than a week to see if it was one of those "gets worse before it gets better" treatments. So if anyone suggests using ACV for toner, beware.
  4. Hi. I'm ScopeEyes and I have acne. [Everyone replies: Hi ScopeEyes in monotone voices] Now that introductions are out of the way, here's my background before asking some questions. I'm 27 and have had moderate acne for longer than I can remember. I don't really remember life before acne--I think it started around age 10 or 11. I'm getting to a point where I'm ready to give up and just learn to accept that this is my skin and this is what it will be. I've been going to the dermatologist since I