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  1. Don't stop using your antibiotic. I'm guessing you're clear but with red marks? thats exactly what happened to me when i was on sulfameth (antibiotic) In my opinion, those were healing signs. and a couple of weeks /months the red marks soon disapear so you don't have to worry. When my red marks did disappear, i was taking half the dose i usually took, but im pretty sure that the antibiotics aren't causing the red marks. its just part of the healing process. So don't stop using your antibiotic j
  2. Hey guys. I haven't been on this in over half a year since my acne has been going away. Currently, the most i have is a couple of little whiteheads that are not visible and some scars. Here are some before photos.file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/HP_Administrator/Desktop/Right.JPG You can tell it was pretty bad. I had neck acne, face acne, chest acne, back acne. ( i just have nasty looking scars on my back but its a whole lot better than acne. These are some after photos.file:///C:/Docume
  3. I stopped getting acne around 3 months ago. and i have been left with red marks. Do you know how long it will take to get rid of it? i somtiems use bio oil. im currently taking half a tablet of sulfameth and using clindamycin phosphate.
  4. Probably cause in the morning , you've just woke up so your senses aren't as sharp? haha. i always think my acne doesn't look bad in the morning, but by the end of the day. i think my face looks like crap.
  5. nope. im on a antibiotic. its called sulfameth ds. not a common antibiotic but it worked for me and is continuing to work. im like scared of accutane lol. so im not going to risk taking that.
  6. i don't think accutane will get rid of the hyperpigmentation. if you speak to your dermatologist, he'll probably prescribe you a acid peel.
  7. never heard of clyravis. what is it? but i have heard of clindamycin. right now im using a clindamycin phosphate which is a liquid used for your face. its after the face wash. don't think it really helps that much but its better then other products. but if you have broken skin and this stuff goes in it. it burns haha. so i would say try clindamycin phosphate. i think it like comes in other forms like creams and stuff.
  8. Yo dude. you better stop picking. BIO OIL!!!. i heard its good for scars. i used it for the first time today. and it feels great. very moisturizing.
  9. Here are before and after pictures of my use of sulfameth the first one is from may 2nd 2009. and the other one is from september 11th 2009. you can tell i have some scars, but none of my acne is inflamed as it was. i think just a little bit more healing and i should be as good as new ps. i am not breakout free. still have some , but like once a week or less.
  10. But the thing is. it got worse and worse. even after i didn't use my cell phone that much. and during that time i was using proactiv, dan's regimen and nothing seemed to be able to control it.
  11. my story" my acne was very mild. i would get a occasional pimple once in a while, but it wasn;'t that much of a big deal. And the whiteheads i had weren't visible unless i puffed out my cheeks. I was one of those people who suddenly had a burst of acne. my first time having cyst/nodules/big huge inflamed whiteheads on my face. it started around February and got worse till June this year. Then early in July, i started taking sulfameth. its a antibiotic. my earlier antibiotics that i have used w
  12. don't think you should ask on acne.org. since everyone is here are mostly acne sufferers lol
  13. wow. the second photo isn't edited that much. i think its jsut a higher contrast
  14. i've been on minocycline 100mg for a month. and it did nothing for me. my doctor told me to use this with a sodium sulfacetamide 10% and sulfur 5% wash that he provided. also a clindamycin phosphate solution to apply after cleansing my face with the wash. and now ive been on sulfameth for about a week and a half and my acne is starting to clear. its far from being completely clear but its a start. but my freaking allergies are causing pimple around my nose. i never get them there -__-