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  1. Hahaha my dumbest thing i have do to my face was: One day a freaking strange person in the street tell me..(You know when you are walking in the street trying to avoid the people) "look at your face! omg, i know a trick that my daughter do and now she have a perfect skin"...so i listend to him and he say that every night take off my shirt flip it and with the back of the shirt rubbed my face with it. so yeah i didnt believe but i try and haha it was stupid because nothing happen i just made
  2. I think you should talk with your dermatologist in order to increase the dosis but right now start with 1 pill. I already take Bactrim but twice a day and the results are awesome! ^^ i really love bactrim maybe you dont see too much in 4 days but then..the acne is going to clear and the best is that i didnt feel any secondary effects but yeah is an antibiotic so you cant take it for a long period of time, now i am trying Doryx have you try it????
  3. Well, when i go to the dermatologist i saw people in really depressing conditions and i dont think in "he/she is ugly" but i just feel ashame of what people have to suffer and make me feel with more will to keep going with this.
  4. Hello guys!! ^^ i am new in Acne.org so i just want to know what you think. Well...so a little about me first hehehe I am a girl and i had have acne since i was 12, severe acne!, but then i went to the dermatologist when i was 15 yeah! i know i wait too much..haha and now i am 16 and my acne is now moderate. But i have SCARS!! that red spots that make my day awful but well.. So first my dermatologist give to me Minocycline and it was horrible i was feeling dizzy,headache and stomachache...