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  1. hey i saw your before and after in the gallery you look great! :) ...hey im just a normal person trying to get the word out that more people should try Dans Regimen :) soo maybe you could post your before and after pics in the success stories! :) if you want ofcourse

    1. mirror_effect

      Acne FIXED!

      I just want to show everyone that you can get clear! I did! My acne is hormonal/cystic. After months of trying everything I have settled into my combination therapy of Yasmin birth control (10 packs to clear skin!) and a modified version of Dan's Regimen that started with Proactiv (too expensive) and then I substituted with BP products that worked just as well and were much more affordable (Panoxyl water-based gel formulation). I could only find 5% BP so I mix it half and half with aloe vera
    2. Okay I'll give you the lo-down on my experience so far. First off, Yasmin is a good pill. I've tried OTC and NuvaRing, both of which had crappy side effects. Yasmin has been very good to me, no side effects at all. I'm 23, have fair skin, and cystic acne on my cheeks, chin and around my mouth for the last 2 years of so. It got worse when I moved to a colder, drier climate and started a higher-stress lifestyle. Anyway, I decided to try Yasmin and it's been 3 months. The first 2-1/2 months