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  1. I too have been hearing a lot of good things about niacinamide. When I use up Dan's jojoba oil, which I've been raving about, I will definitely move on to niacinamide. I'm reading it's great for oily skin, acne, and skin health in general. Plus it helps keep skin elastic which is great for some of us older folks. Jojoba oil definitely can't make that claim. I do believe niacinamide is now considered in the same class as retinoids for being great for the skin. I plan to use it in conjunctio
  2. I can use 10% ONLY if I use a boatload of jojoba in my moisturizer to prevent irritation. Also, I have very oily "teenage" skin even though, believe me, I'll never see my teenage years again. Someone with sensitive skin will be tortured by the 10% used all over the face. I wanted to use the Clearasil Ultra, because it was a mix of benzoyl peroxide and glycolic acid. This stuff is 10% BP and strong, and because my skin is conditioned (I've been using BP for over 14 years), I can use it. But
  3. I couldn't live without this stuff. I honestly think it should be an ESSENTIAL part of Dan's regimen, not just an option. Although I've used BP for years, it still irritated me, even with moisturizers...UNTIL I started taking Dan's advice and using 6 drops mixed into a quarter size of moisturizer. This stuff is amazing. I did some research. Did you know that jojoba oil is an anti-inflammatory? No wonder no more irritation! I use it as a makeup remover. I mix it into my moisturizers for
  4. My skin is EXTREMELY oily, and jojoba oil makes it LESS oily. It is a myth that jojoba can't be used on oily skin. I LOVE THIS STUFF. 6 drops to my moisturizer (day and night), like Dan recommends.
  5. This is awesome news. PLEASE keep us posted. The regimen cleared me totally, but I am too shy to talk about it on TV! But we've got to get the word out.
  6. Everyone is so impatient. It took me over 3 months to totally clear my skin using BP. I've been using BP for over 14 years now. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING like it for clearing skin. And I've tried them all. I still use BP twice a day and will not stop, and I am no youngster. HAVE PATIENCE. And use it correctly, following Dan's regimen. For me, the jojoba oil is an essential part. I mix 6 drops with the moisturizer. It is awesome. Stick it out. Unless you have severe acne an