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  1. I'll never have children because I wouldn't want to even risk putting them through the same thing. Not to mention I just don't like kids in the first place.
  2. awww i love eric cartman

  3. my dream is to have a face that I'm not ashamed of... that's why it gets in the way... because it is my dream
  4. lol one time i had a big cyst on my neck and someone asked "is that a hickey on your neck?" and I said "yea your mom gave it to me" im so clever
  5. hetfield does have scars, and you can see some relatively bad acne if you look at early metallica pics (like, early 1980's) although that doesn't really make ME feel any better about how I look. He may not have perfect skin but he has millions of dollars, which I do not.
  6. I don't want a relationship, I just want to do IT to prove to myself that I CAN do it. That I'm AT LEAST attractive enough to one person in the world for her to let me in her pants. Which means I'd probably have to fake a relationship until then... oh well.
  7. as much as I like to escape from reality every so often, I must say that smoking and drinking isn't going to help your acne, or your health in general
  8. doesn't really matter if you still look at yourself and think you look like crap
  9. even not thinking about the peer pressure aspect, being an almost 20 year old male, my primal need to mate is just revving full speed right now. It's instinctual.
  10. Well, yes, since you still have peers even after high school...
  11. i take a supplement with saw palmetto in it, have no idea if it helps but it's definitely not a cure
  12. think the only time was when this one chick turned me down and later told someone why. i think you can guess why. that sucked but she was a bitch so i dont know why I even confessed in the first place
  13. This is pretty much true. A virgin girl is cool. A virgin guy is not. Whether you agree or disagree, this is how it is in the real world.