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  1. I've been on it for 2 years, and i wanna get off... clearly
  2. help please, im trying to bulk up and this makes it hard not being able to eat 4 hours out of the day
  3. thanks cooki im just trying to find some foods that wont interact with the drug, possibly no allowing it to fully absorb recently i started eating bagles for breakfast, but then i looked and it had like 8% of your daily value of calcium, and 15% of iron and im pretty sure that iron and calcium arent good for tetracycline
  4. is there a 2 hour rule? or is it that you cant eat food 2 hours before taking it and 1 hour after taking it? school has started and i need to eat breakfast. i can handle waiting an hour after taking the tetracycline in the morning, but thats it. so what are good foods to eat an hour after taking tetracycline??? thanks for the help
  5. not sure if this pimple is from me starting to wean off, if it is ill stop, im just afraid of a big breakout what im asking is, if i start breaking out from taking only 3 pills a day, will it take a long time to recover once i starrt taking 4 again???????????
  6. My derm told me i should try to wean off tetracycline from 4 pills a day to 3, for two months or so (i think) and he said just go back up to 4 a day if acne gets worst. He wants to see if i grew out of my acne (and im not sure if i have) but school is about to start and i have begun taking 3 a day for maybe a week and i just got a pimple on my cheek, a type that i do not normally get, and im scared that this is the first of many to come. Thing is, is that i dont want to end up with a bunch of r
  7. it was for about 8-9 hours then i noticed that i left the thing open do u think i messed it up by doing that or will it be alright????
  8. and i only have too left, and i forgot to get more, so now i have to wait untill monday to get some i currently take two in the morning and to at night, so i figured i would just take one on Saturday and one on Sunday would i break out from not taking a full dose for two days????? if so should i try do take something else instead, like zinc or something?
  9. urine therapy pee on a cotton ball and try getting the mid-stream pee (idk y), put it on all over ur face wait 15 mins, and wash it off my face is looking a lot better. i mean A LOT! it isnt that bad after the first time, trust me edit: o yea, DO NOT PICK AT UR ACNE!!!!!!!!
  10. urine therapy my skin looks so much better after only a month my red marks might even be gone or 95% gone by the time school starts
  11. try urine therapy it helped me a lotttttttttttttttttt
  12. URINE THERAPY TRY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! type it in the search thing
  13. if u eat healthy try urine therapy or apparently vaseline works, but i neva tried it i say try vaseline first and then take after pics cuz im curious to see if it will heal marks. look at the thread about vaseline