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  1. Steel cut oats retain more of the oat kernel, so they're much healthier. However, they are a pain to cook.
  2. I learnt a few months ago off a TV show called 'Kenny's World' that squatting is the healthiest way of pooping because it allowed your anal colon to be perfectly straight. I've started squatting on the toilet (no support or stool; at constant risk of slipping into bowl lol) to poo about two or three days ago, and my legs are burning like crazy. However, I've noticed that it's a lot quicker and I feel more empty after going to the toilet. Another interesting piece of information for those watch
  3. Great to see it's helping someone! I just started eating healthy food so far , I feel much better with more energy!!!! I've bought - cashew raw almond butter raw Organic Cauliflower Organic Broccoli Organic baby spinach Organic Frozen strawberries for my whey protein Quinoa Stevia extract zinc mg50 Organic multi-vitamin MSM Organic Ezekiel cereals Organic Eden unsweetened soymilk sweet potatoes Organic brown eggs cage free Organic 100% All natural oats steel cut
  4. EDIT: Moderators have removed links. Just google "whfoods" and it's the first thing that comes up. Hello! I just thought I'd post up this site which has been very useful to me in the past in my quest to making myself healthier and curing my acne from the inside out. The site provides a list of 129 of what the WHFood Organisation deem to be the most healthiest foods available after meeting a criteria list. The World's Healthiest foods are: 1. The most nutrient dense 2. Whole foods 3. Familiar
  5. Thanks for posting this wapak. I've read your other posts as well, including the one on not washing your face. I will start to eat two apples in the morning, and I'm already getting plenty of oils from flaxseed supplements and from the olive oil and rice bran oils my mother uses in her cooking. I also try to get some fish at least once a week. Also, I think what Eric Masterson means by eating large amounts of food is to eat large amounts of healthy, nutrient dense foods, rather than binging on
  6. I'm asian as well, and I know lemon juice is very good at whitening skin (prior to the DKR I used to use it as a toner and it lightened my post-inflammatory acne scars). Since I've just started on the DKR, I don't want to add any other variables just yet, and my skin is currently hyper sensitive due to the BP, but I'll be adding lemon juice to my regime once I am totally clear. A starter recipe for a lemon juice toner is simply freshly squeezed lemon juice (with the pips and bits sieved off)
  7. My non-SPF moisturiser is 50% aloe vera juice, and it never caused breakouts for me even before the DKR. So, I guess it would be fine to incorporate some into the regimen as an ingredient in your moisturiser (like how Dan uses Jojoba oil).
  8. Thanks for the suggestion, it makes sense because the BP should already be well absorbed into my skin by that time (I do the AM regimen around 7), and simply applying a good SPF to protect my skin from Australia's harsh sun should be sufficient.
  9. Hello, I'm a 17 year old female with mild/light acne from Sydney, Australia and I've just started the DKR using the following replacement products instead: A'kin Sandalwood & Neroli Pure Facial Cleansing Gel with Vit B5 & Witch Hazel Benzac AC Acne Gel Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% (will buy Dan's BP after I finish this) A'kin White Tea & Aloe Vital Hydration Gel Creme with Olive Extract & Vit B5 & E (not in sun) QV Face Moisturising Day Cream with SPF 30+ for sensitive skin (in the