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  1. Acleara update: I've noticed a big change in my pore size, the prevalence of my comedones, and how much oil my face is producing in general. My skin is actually a bit dry. Not sure if this is winter or what, but I like the results.
  2. I have combination skin too. Salicylic acid... wayyyy too drying. I actually think that it makes me break out because it irritates me so much. I use baking soda too to exfoliate occasionally but you're right it does nothing for the deep blackheads. I've heard good things about paula's choice. I'm doing Acleara. Which you can read about in my signature. Just started actually for my blackheads. It works as a vaccuum/laser. Sounds weird I know. It doesn't work on the bridge of the nose because
  3. The pore needs to be purged before it will go away I think. But don't try and pick because you'll make it worse and probably won't get it all out. Blackheads aren't even bacteria it's just a clogged pore with sebum. Black because it oxidized. You need to talk to your derm about reducing oil production in your skin first and then after that maybe look into some physical treatments to reduce your pores? I'm no expert but this is kind of what I'm dealing with if you want to look into my current
  4. I would just leave it alone for a little bit honestly . Maybe take some ibuprofen (3-4 or 1000mg, I promise it won't hurt you but that's the only way the inflammatory properties will kick in) and ice it so it doesn't turn into a cyst because that's probably the worst place to have one. I had a bump like that pretty much in the exact spot for I kid you not, three or so years. It was never really that big. It was just like a little tiny thing. It got bigger as my acne got worse and I just deci
  5. Yeah you need to see your dermatologist and get it removed if it really bothers you that much. If you're able to peel it off then it might actually be a skin tag. Which you should still have looked at by your derm.
  6. Ask Dr. Asarch? It's not really a simple moisturizer, it's for clinical purposes, developed by a (my) dermatologist for the treatment of acne. Not an over the counter. You have to either buy it online, or at his practice. You don't need to have a prescription to buy it but it was developed with acne and oily skin specifically in mind. If you look at the ingredients, the first ingredient after water is cetearyl alcohol in case you're curious about the properties. I think the why is much less
  7. Wow... Acleara is newer than I thought. Less than a year old. So it might not be available in a wide range yet... but it's clearly making some headway in the world of dermatology from what I've seen so far. I guess I'm lucky to live in Denver and be in Asarchs practice! Do a google search for "Acleara acne" and maybe put your city in there and you might be able to see some more information.
  8. Acleara might be something you look at... Check out some of the topics/posts I've made about it in my signature!
  9. Ask your derm about Acleara. I just finished my second treatment yesterday. I put some links to some topics/posts I just made into my signature. It is a new treatment and your dermatologist may not offer it but it's worth shopping around for a doctor that does. I am fair, have hyperpigmentation, and my biggest problem is blackheads, oil, and large pores. My derm recommended Acleara for those specific issues. Check it out.
  10. Not sure if the treatment I am using treats deep scarring like what you've experienced but right now I'm doing Acleara. I don't know if it is available in the UK, it is a pretty new treatment but the information about it/the posts I recently made are in my signature. Links, that is. I am in the EXACT same situation as you. Other than the scars, of course. But I am very fair and have some hyperpigmentation. Talk to your derm about it. Because this is probably one of the very few treatments th
  11. Man I used to have a derm like that who made me feel really insecure about asking for things like that. With her I felt like I couldn't make any suggestions or bring up anything I had read about any sort of treatment without feeling completely condescended. Not a good doctor/patient relationship. I'm sorry to hear that your doctor isn't sympathetic. I don't know much about ematrix but with any laser light treatment you would think they would start on the lowest level and then gradually work thei
  12. Gave up completely on sodium sulfacetamide. I just don't respond to prescription medications. I've obviously had a hormonal change since... very rarely do I get cysts or lesions. The Ortho has been extremely effective for me, still on it obviously, but I still have clogged pores so I have been trying something new. Please refer to this topic to read about what I've been trying lately.
  13. I know I'm probably starting to sound like a promotional ad or a troll on here but I promise you I am a real acne.org user, look at my profile, I have been here for a while. I haven't been on here in a long time because I figured I was just kind of at the point of all hope lost, blackheads forever, but things are starting to look up. Oily skin is really my only remaining issue. And the blackheads that come along with it . Seriously about 1-2 hours after I put on makeup in the morning I am sh
  14. http://dermasparx.com/ Dr. Asarch is my dermatologist... or at least I go to his practice. He's incredible, written a lot of books, and he has these products. My pores are basically oil factories, or at least they were, but I got the oil free moisture cream from Asarch's line and it has seriously done wonders. It is very hydrating but it controls oil really well. Which is hard to find. I'm one of those girls that seriously 90 minutes after I put on a water based foundation I am shiny. It's $
  15. So like most of you, I've struggled with acne since I was about 11 1/2 years old. Pretty much when I hit puberty. I started getting my worst cystic breakouts at the age of 12 and tried every prescription on the market, other than accutane. Birth control helped me the most, since my acne is primarily hormonal. It's 5 years later and I'm still not completely clear. I get the occasional lesions, not really too many, at least none that are incredibly painful or long lasting. However, I still hav