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  1. HI guys i was wondering if any of you have switched between YAZ and Yasmin and could share your experiences or if you have tried either :]. I was prescribed YAZ for my acne and it was HORRIBLE. worst acne on my chin and forehead.. places i don usually break out!! and i even tried to wait it out for almost three months :[[..i was previously on ortho tricylen-lo but that was a nightmare on my skin as well. plus i was an emotional wreck on YAZ. so i was wondering if yasmin is any different for clea
  2. I was on YAZ for about 2 and a half months but it really made me breakout alot worse in exactly the same spots you guys are saying..the chin and jawline and forehead but after staying on it for 2 and a half months i gave up..my acne was worse than ever it was horrible.. i hope it clears up for u guys though but it was a nightmare for my skin. i also tried ortho tricyclen-lo -horrible for my skin as well i think i might try yasmin next because iv heard alot of good things about it but i dont kno