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  1. Thanks for the recommendations. Head and Shoulder works wonder for me. Which face mask did you use and see successful results?
  2. Exactly what will cocoa butter do? I thought stretch marks are forever and only fade in colour in time. That's what has happened to my stretch marks. It fades 'em and makes your skin smoother and firmer. Put it all over your body. If i put cocoa butter on my back, it might clog my pores and worsen my acne. It's very rich and thick.
  3. I've been told by a doctor that body scars are different from facial scars. It takes a lot longer to fade. Possibly 8 months to a year. You just have to be patient.
  4. Some people have success with apple cider vinegar. Other home remedies that are popular on this forum are Head and Shoulder shampoo (used as body wash) and sea salt bath. I've only tried Head and Shoulder method and i'm extremely pleased with the result so i'm going to stick to it. I haven't tried the sea salt bath and vinegar method.
  5. Yes, Classic Clean. Other ones with conditioner mixed in might clog pores since there's silicones and oils in conditioner.
  6. I don't think you should use both products at the same time. If it clears up, how would you know which one is doing the magic, right? Good luck and keep us updated on the progress :)
  7. Just use Head and Shoulder. Don't mix with other treatments. That way, you would know which product is working for you. It seems like what you're doing is right, but 5-10 mins PER day may be too much for your skin to take. Doesn't it get really itchy and dry? It's working for me to fade scars but i get cystic pimples from it! I'm hoping its just a purging stage.
  8. Head & Shoulder shampoo! That's my solution. I've tried soooo many products, over the counter, and from derm office. Search this forum for more info on head and shoulder to combat bacne. Good luck.
  9. I've had bacne for over 3 years and nothing seems to work. I've tried many products like BP, AHA, BHA, some prescriptions from derm office, nothing worked. Then i tried head and shoulder shampoo method as posted on this forum, and my back is looking better than ever. Give it a try if you're getting desperate like i was.
  10. Doesn't the sun darken the spots and prolong the life of the scars? That's what i read in other forums, but people here seem like find tanning as a solution to fade scars. Please enlighten me.
  11. I used H&S on my back for 10 mins and rinsed off. Skin on my back is drying up and scars are fading SO FAST. Faster than the last 2 years, and I've only done it for over a week. I'm amazed. I'm afraid to leave it on for longer because H&S is not made to be left on the skin for more than a few mins. I'm afraid of potential hazard... especially because whatever we put on the skin is absorbed into our body. So use it with caution, guys. Just be a little patient and use it for just a
  12. Try Accutane? I heard success stories here. The right guy won't be turned off by any acne. My SO never mentioned it to me but i KNOW he noticed it. Oh yes. But he's still with me after many years. I'm sure there're tons of guys out there who see past the imperfect surface of the skin.
  13. Wow, that made a big difference. Can you start using H&S again and see how your skin reacts? I'm on H&S treatment plan and it's healing the scars VERY quick but lots of cystic acnes are appearing. So strange. I'm on the 2nd week only. Did it happen to you?
  14. Has it been fading? Maybe try chemical exfoliation?
  15. Wear LOTS of sunblock and reapply every hour if you must go out to the sun. AHA thins out your skin so you'll be very sensitive to the sun. If you have any acne scars, stay away from the sun since UV darkens the scars and makes them last longer.