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  1. Ha I have had the same people on the side of my nose for the past few months.. It just wont go away..
  2. I am currently on Spiro, and I too dislike drinking water all day. Since I noticed I am always thirsty now, I always drink green tea or lemonade. I do not drink any kind of sodas at all, only Sprites every once in awhile, and I honestly feel great since I stopped doing so. So just try cutting out the sodas!
  3. Ive popped pimples before and have never gotten like a bad scar or anything. Then i began to break out really bad all over my face and decided i wasnt going to pop them because i was scared they were going to leave nasty scars. So i left them all alone and now i have horrible red marks all over my skin. I think its really weird, the ones i dont pop are the ones that stayed.
  4. My derm prescribed me Spiro about a week ago. I am taking 50 mg in the morning and night. So far all i have noticed is that I am peeling really bad around my mouth and chin. Before i was prescribed Spiro i was on Solodyn, but I never refilled my prescription. My derm said to continue taking everything i have been with the addition of Spiro. But i'm scared to be on both oral medications especially since i only weigh about 95 pounds, and when i was on Solodyn alone i had terrible headaches. Has an