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  1. I agree about looking for work you can stand. If you got one before, maybe you can again. When you do, you can buy a money order or something, even if you don't have a bank account and buy the BP gel from this site. I also think you should have told your Mom how much she spends on skin care products. Not because I want you to be bratty, or anything, but sometimes parents just need to see the numbers. Also, if she will take you to a derm, that sounds like it would cost a lot more than buying
  2. Yes moisturizer is one thing on the regimen you can apply as often as you like! Just remember, clean hands, and be gentle when you apply.
  3. wow... I wonder if those kiss my face lotions are any good. You do get a lot for 10 bucks! If you're willing to buy online you can always get Eucerin Skin renewal + SPF 15 from walgreens.com or drugstore.com. I also have a few quantities that I bought. The previous two merchants I mentioned will charge $5.49 for up to 20 or so, but if you want just one bottle I could ship to the continental US for like $2.
  4. oedipus, yes the moisturizer is to prevent a dry face and also the sunscreen in it supposedly prevents dark marks from forming. But people report having those marks form, anyway, and so all that's really left is the moisture. I personally think if you feel good without it, then you don't have to use it. I use a sunscreen moisturizer during the day, everyday. I'm just used to it and I think it'll also help my skin down the line (in 2 decades, three, or four) from premature aging, anyway.
  5. It's absolutely fine to use more moisturizer as needed Although I find that winter is actually gentler on my skin. Yeah, go figure! I especially like that feeling when you've just come out of the cold, and so your skin feels all flush... Once you have a good moisturizer your face can truly enjoy winter!
  6. Don't lump anti-biotics in with accutane. No responsible derm should put you on antibiotics for more than six months or so. The first function of antibiotics is to keep you alive in case of a possibly life threatening condition, so giving it to a patient like candy could make them resistant and then it doesn't work when you really need it. If you go with antibiotics, the derm would most likely take you off of it after about two months. WHAT THEN? When that happened to me, they put me on som
  7. I just bought this yesterday, but I'm afraid to try it. It seems they only have five foundation shades for everyone? How does that work? I got the medium but it looks nothing like my foundation shade. I don't want to open it, use it and have to return it to walmart. I would like to not do something so unsanitary if I can avoid it
  8. First class 3 - 5, priority 2- 3. Most of the time there really isn't a difference, IMO. I guess delays and problems are more likely with First class ("regular" mail) than priority.
  9. You could consider ordering moisturizer as well. I still don't think its a good idea starting out the regimen without moisturizer on standby. If your face lights on fire, you would want something to soothe it...haha.
  10. I wonder who else has tried the Aveeno skin relief. It may be a good nighttime substitution for Eucerin skin renewal since it's going off the market? I myself do not use moisturizer at night and always wear an SPF sunscreen during the day. I'll be chasing Eucerin for a while but others may have other interests or requirements. I'm glad your regimen is working out for you, though!!
  11. I dropped my BP gel usage to every so often when I got as clear as I wanted. Sometimes I will start to get a few pimples again, in that case the BP gel goes on more often than not. To me that's not a problem. You will get clear again and then you can decide how often you want to continue using it. It's all about what works for you!
  12. I don't rub BP on my eye area, however, a little still manages to get on there somehow. So what I do now is use a single pump of moisturizer (I use Eucerin Skin renewal + SPF 15) and distribute it around my eyelids immediately after washing my face and before allowing it to dry and applying BP gel. I also use lipbalm at this time. I didn't have bags or wrinkly eyelids, but the BP would sting that area even though I applied none directly in my eye area. The lotion has really helped out a lot
  13. I spend about three mins doing the initial rub over, then walk away for about one or two mins, then come back and really rub the rest in. My face is usually dry after that second rub in which takes like two minutes. It can be quite frustrating standing in front of the mirror trying to get my face to absorb it all right away!
  14. I'm sorry, the Eucerin moisturizer is Eucerin Skin Renewal SPF 15 Day Lotion: http://www.walgreens.com/store/product.jsp...0&id=prod733723 I haven't consistently used a soap bar but I'm sure someone else can help you out!
  15. I myself like finishing touch hair remover for facial hair: http://www.sallybeauty.com/shop/4310/752000 Nair says it's okay to use on the face. But yeah, it ruined mine! agh... even in an article I read in Real Simple magazine, where they gave tips for all kinds of hair removal processes, the only thing they said about depilatory creams was not to use because you could suffer chemical burns. They wouldn't even recommend it for using on legs!!
  16. Dove soap for body....... for sensitive skin. The white one. This was dermatologist recommended to me a few years back and I never had a single problem with it. This soap is well known (at least I thought it was) to be even more gentle and effective on sensitive skin than many gentle facial cleansers on the market.
  17. I love the shower caddys that hang over the shower head. I've used them for years and years. The cheapest ones can be bought from walmart for like 3 bucks or something. Basically I leave soap on the bottom layer. It's always dry by the next time I use it because it's not sitting in a container. Think of where the bar soap is sitting on the first thumbnail in this picture: http://www.stacksandstacks.com/html/product64_0.htm wow..... those products look gorgeous! haha... I'm NOT buying a n
  18. that would be nice, she's sending me some samples. Can't wait! Oh, I also seem to have worded my question wrong, i guess. baptista I guess i'm just looking for a nice powder that won't cause problems
  19. we're screwed either way; we might as well have good products that work... I just went back on clean and clear because I figured my face is long used to the regimen by now. It's always oily, anyway, so that must mean it's more moisturized by now, right? WRONG! End of day two my face is feeling so dry and tight and I have a lump underneath my skin. Put a few drops of Eucerin skin renewal on my face and I'm back to normal. Now if Dan can make something similar without the oilies, I know I'd
  20. You can use two fingers total if you're doing your whole face. (like jae90 said, ramp up the amount slowly if you're just starting).
  21. My face was getting soggy due to putting too much stuff on it....... as I recall it, when I first started the regimen I got better results when I left the moisturizer off at night and just let the BP do its thing. If you start feeling too dry, you know what to do
  22. lol got it. Eucerin skin renewal is also so light... I got better results when i switched to it, too. It seems the heavier moisturizers, even when they're not comedogenic would seem to interfere with the BP. Get the Eucerin if you can!
  23. I don't understand what you mean when you say "smear on." Are you taking the time to carefully rub in the quantity you are using so far? Your skin must absorb all (or at least most of) the BP or you will not see results. Also, with the cleanser, may I recommend washing slowly and gently, but apply a little bit of pressure to your fingers... I used to just kinda swish the lather over my face but then I noticed that it's like dirt and layers of skin wouldn't be washed or rinsed off so I wasn't
  24. Thanks! hah....... looks like I will have to get a pricey powder just to use on the weekend! But it's okay, if I'm only using it on Saturday ( = "errand day"), then it should last a long time!
  25. But so many of us only wear sunscreen on our face. Is it really because it'll prevent skin cancer, or because we know it'll help our acne?