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  1. your parents must have good insurance, else I'm pretty sure a dermatologist costs more than some decent products recommended on this forum... 15yrold, the next post I want to see from you is how you did some of the things we asked you to do and how it went, okay?
  2. your parents took your cat?!?!?!?!?! GOD!!!!! That's just cruel! Was it eating / costing too much or something? How come you're no longer in touch with your brother? You could call each other... Well, what I was going to say about your parents before I read about the cat incident... Kids always think they know what their parents are going to say, but doesn't it just break their hearts that you're depressed? Maybe they'll be willing to do something cheap and easy that will put a smile on
  3. oh my... the initial results are not good. I've used the BP gel for three nights now and I've got some painful zits forming that never wouldve come up with the other cream. Now with the acne cure you actually have to wet your skin thoroughly with ice cubes and then apply the BP to it. For this reason, I never felt Neutrogena's cream was goopy or sticky or anything because it simply glided over the wetness and absorbed thoroughly. Unfortunately with the BP gel, it seems the water on the skin
  4. maybe we could suggest some little things you could do by yourself to have fun? If your parents will give you a little money (or if you can save up), try going for a matinée on a school night (after doing your homework...lol). Then when you see your movie sneak in to the other theatres and watch as many movies as you can before going home Or since it's not cold in Texas yet, you could go swimming. Just don't be trying to drown yourself... You could also just go to the arcade and play m
  5. As hey what's up 15yrold I know acne can be a major bummer, but for the most part it tends to be the elephant in the room. As in everyone can see it clear as day, but hardly anyone would feel the need to point it out or make you feel uncomfortable about it. However, some of the instances you've mentioned may have been a chance for an ice breaker. In life you get a lot of those chances, BUT the way you handle them determines if you'll have a relationship with this person in the future or not
  6. Thanks apple I will keep you posted! Active length nails?! he he.. I bet you didn't know women like me existed but my idea of grooming my nails is cutting 'em Alright alright, I have some length right now so I suppose I could stop by the nail shop to get my first ever professional manicure.... minus the professional. Just first ever. lol.
  7. I don't know how well either product works, but proactiv will sell you just the repairing lotion for $22 (a little pricey if you ask me!)
  8. muchos gracias! Not only would the foundation help my confidence, I'd look a HORRIBLE mess without it! It just wouldn't go with a suit, not to mention trying to impress someone in a professional setting for the first time.
  9. Hi, I'm new. I have a job interview coming up soon and my face has been full of dark acne scars for quite a few years now. Do any of you ever get concerned that you might wear too much makeup and look like a you-know-what in an attempt to cover up your scars? My makeup (Fashion fair soufflé) does a pretty good job at coverage even without piling it on, yet it's still quite clear that I'm wearing makeup. Just a little bit of background, except Church and the occasional outing, I'm not a
  10. so superman it's been almost two weeks, how did it go? This cream must be ultra new, I did a search on cvs.com and all I came up with was their "maximum strength" (ie 10%) BP. Maybe I'll check it out the next time I'm in a CVS. How much was it, and how many ounces are in the tube?
  11. Hi, I've done the acne cure for about a year now. Some additional tips I have. Yes, use the ice. It makes the program work so much better. A tip I picked up from another site for the ice part is to fill up a plastic or styrofoam cup with water and freeze it, then at night, rub the ice over your face like a roll on, apply the BP all over your face (which you should have been keeping in the fridge), then throw the cup of ice into a plastic bag and use it as an ice pack over your pimples and fa
  12. Galeo, you mention an interesting set of products (BP, SA, AHA). Were you doing the "acne cure?"
  13. I've just spent $16 buying BP in TWO DAYS! I'm doing the "Acne Cure" and I just went to pick up one tube of NOTS. Then I come here and everyone is raving about this gel so I've bought that one, too. (Geez... that 4 oz tube just can't be beat, though ). I just hope it's all worth it. I will report back