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  1. Look girl, it's called "Guy Talk" for a reason. You actually think these guys would talk like this in front of girls? Girls don't here this talk, first because they aren't a guy, and second they would take it as how we really feel about women when it's just joking guy talk. Maybe you are part of the "Real Girls" since you insinuate that we're immature with our head up are asses because we express our opinion. God forbid I express how I really feel over your ignorant opinion of how guys really ac
  2. Wow you guys need get off your high horses and stop bashing this dude over his one little comment. This is the way guys talk, with a very small few who don't talk like this with other guys. I understand completely where he is coming from, these are Real World girls he's talking about, not Acne.org girls who are the nicest things since rainbow teddy bears. Obviously this dude is mad about where he's at right now with his IB from accutane, he's heated so don't take everything to heart, damn. JJb
  3. I've heard of doing vinegar soaks after peels, but my derm was brief and didn't mention them. I was wondering how do you do vinegar soaks for the face? Do you use a wash cloth or just dip your face in the water?
  4. Has anybody had any scalp problems post accutane? Like dry itchy scalp or a sensitive scalp?
  5. What's even more odd is so do other male species, but it's biology, it is what it is, controlling my sexuality, in essence, is unnatural. Unless you're a guy you wouldn't know the bombardment of sexual desire that comes with being male. Sorry, I just here too many girls tell guys to have self control on this aspect of nature. But guys, have some self control, just don't let girls tell you to!
  6. Kairasa, how can you talk about self control in both posts but you don't even have the self control to stay out of an all guys thread. But honestly to choose self control on sex and masturbation is going against what men were made for. You think any other male animal thinks twice about having self control over sex, no there is a reason we produce so much of the sex hormone testosterone.
  7. Does the fraxel laser, restore or repair, damage the sebaceouse glands and/or facial hair? I'm trying to get my Grizzly Adams on after the laser.
  8. Sportsguy can you post a pic? I really want to know what this linear scar looks like before I get anything done.
  9. I didn't mean to sound mean or anything, I just want to get through to you so you don't go to the doc and accept everything they say. Next time you go to the derm asked to be put on a higher dose and for another couple months, if your PA resists, then look for another doctor who is willing to. How in the world can accutane that is leaving your body work after the course. You don't want your face to be ruined trust me it leads to a shit load of other problems.
  10. Most likely you will not clear after accutane, everyday that you're off accutane the medicine is leaving your body in half lives. I'm telling you from experience, if I never switch doctors I would still have bad cystic acne. I took accutane for 8 mths, four of which were at very high doses. 120mg for 3 and 160mg for the last month. My new doc also gave me Prednisone to calm the flare up down. Trust me it was really bad. This is probaly the best advice you can get, idk what else you would want. I
  11. You should definately try to convince your PA to go for at least another month if not more at a higher dose. I know many ppl get worried about going to high but for ppl like you and me, we need that high dose. You can always stop if the side effects are too bad. Some doctors are conservative, like yours, and some are aggressive. If the doc doesn't want to up the does then you might have to switch docs like I did. I mean shit, you don't want your acne coming back because of a weak course prescrib
  12. It will, I just got off of accutane and my insurance is Tricare. I live with my dad and he's military so it should cover the full cost.
  13. Well Dudley, I actually didn't totally not respect you, but your post had me heated. But why apologize if your going to add a "shove it up your ass" at the end, and you know that's what you meant.
  14. Haha Dudley, I guess you know me personally enough to know who I've talked too and what I've done. I've read your posts, but I am not you and what works for you may not work for me. I didn't know that if someone else calls you bitter and resentful it also means I called you that. For being the self proclaimed oldest poster you need to grow up and not take your anger or frustration out on others. Man up and direct it to whomever stated that remark. I have no respect for you and the way you came a
  15. Well, in the derms defense, its pretty cheap compared to other docs because it's at a university. Like 500 per treatment I think. But they're still all over fraxel's nutz.
  16. Everytime I go to the derm they hype of fraxel and tell me all this bullshit about how its going to really help. Why do the go bananas over this shit?
  17. Hey bro I really think you should up your dose to at least 80mg. I know a lot of ppl on here are scared to up their dose, but I think you would really benefit from it. Just see how your body reacts to the higher dose, I was also on 40mg and still breaking out badly. My doc eventually moved me up to 80mg and then 120mg, and even 160 for the last month, so don't be afraid you can always stop, so just see how your body reacts. Moisturize your whole face because it will be dry also. Dry flakes will
  18. Had subcision done in North Carolina? And is subcision and fraxel the way to go with rolling scars? My derm told he thinks he could get a 75% improvement w/ just the laser but I've read some other posts and it doesn't sound like it's plausible. Thx
  19. Haha yea, one of the side effects said it could dry your skin but I mean it does say lotion.