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  1. thanks so much for the replies guys just an update, my dermo has put me back on accutane, now at 50mg, and weekly blood tests. she really wants me to at least finish one more month, unless my liver goes way too much over the limit (it's just a little over the limit now). i dont think it'll work, but i'll let you know what happens. @NoMoreAcne1974: laser is out of the question, my insurance doesn't cover it and we're not loaded @greeneyes44: i'm male, so that's out of the question too @awake
  2. i used differin for 6 months, which -from what i know- is the in the same family as tazorac.. again, no effect at all. i'm going to see my dermatologist next week, but she's just as out of ideas as i am.. next step is laser surgery treatment, which of course my insurance doesnt cover, so i wont be getting.. or maybe i was thinking of going to like mexico or somewhere like that and having it done because i can't afford it here, and nothing else works and the acne is ridiculously embarrassing..
  3. hi.. i've been struggling with acne for as far back as i can remember.. if i had to estimate, i'd say probably since the 6th grade. i'm almost 20 years old now, and i've lost all hope of my skin ever becoming better. let me outline what i've been using over the past 8 years: 1. BP, in every imaginable concentration and form.. i've tried EVERY SINGLE product, both OTC and prescription, ranging from 1% to as high as possible.. no effect whatsoever 2. dozens of other OTC acne treatments, including