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  1. That sounds like candida. Yahoo or Google search info on candida to see if you are high risk for it and if you have more of the symptoms. I read somewhere that a majority of the American population does have candida overgrowth and doesn't even know it (because of all our antibiotics, birth control, hormone therapies, other medications, and unhealthy diets).
  2. Update: So today I made a change to my ACV toner. Hubby was really getting tired of the strong smell. So I decided try this: 2/3 ACV 1/3 100% Pure, Non-caffeinated Green Tea. Plus a little witch hazel since we had it lying around He's MUCH more satisfied with the smell. We'll see if it still works as well, but I think it will. There have been good reviews on adding green tea to the ACV because of all the antioxidant and anti-aging properties in it. Oh...another positive note: Besi
  3. I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but... I hate or am allergic to pretty much all salad dressings on the market. So every night, I make up "guacamole" to mix with my salad, and that's my dressing. I love it! Here's what I use: - 1 whole advocado - A squeeze of lemon juice - Salt to taste - 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder Mix and mash all together with a fork. Oh, and sometimes I like to add flaxseeds into the mix.
  4. Didn't help me either. There's not really anything more special in it (even though it's expensive) than any other topical treatment you can buy at Walmart.
  5. I would NEVER recommend accutane. I was on it, and it didn't help me at all. Not only that, but the side effects are not to be contended with. There is just no comparison to going healthy, natural routes. Some of the side effects for me: 1) Didn't work. Acne even worse once I got off it. 2) Overgrowth of candida, because it killed my good bacteria along with the bad -- which led to a series of infections that I have struggled with for years. 3) Holes in my teeth where it broke down
  6. Acidphilus is a beneficial bacteria. It converts into a type of acid in your stomach that knocks out the bad bacteria and improves digestion and overall health. For me, it made me "regular" which definitely seemed to help my skin. I would say it's very important. I've noticed that it doesn't work as well when I'm not drinking the ACV with it. And the ACV doesn't work as well if I don't take the acidophilus with it. But they make a phenomenal pair, because the ACV also kills bad bacteria an
  7. You can use with a moisturizer if you like, I suppose. For me, though, the ACV really balanced my skin's moisture. Now, I'm never dry or flaky, and I'm also not an oil slick. You know what I mean? So I don't need moisturizer. Maybe you should try not to use it unless you find that your skin is getting dry. Less is more, in my opinion! These were my stages, and I've seen others testify to the same: Week 1 - Less oil production and zits rapidly shrinking. Week 2 and Week 3 - A few deep br
  8. thanks! so my regimen would be my cleanser, ACV, neutrogena on the spot, then moisturizer? how much would I use when i apply to my face? Yep. Apply with either a cotton ball or a face pad (cosmetic pad) enough to get the whole face damp but not dripping. Let it air dry, which doesn't take very long.
  9. My husband can totally relate to your story, except he was reversed. His family was vegan growing up, and he had bad acne. Then a few years ago, he started eating like everyone else again, though still decently healthy, and his acne cleared up. His skin is amazing now. I am convinced that for myself acne is related to diet, but I guess going vegan isn't the right way to go. I dunno.
  10. It would be your toner. I apply undiluted, but most people prefer a 50/50 dilution with water or green tea. Apply it twice a day, after your cleanser but before your spot treatment. Just as a warning, it will probably make your face look really red at first, but that goes away (at least for me) after 10-30 minutes. And then the tone is much improved. If you decide to drink it, drink 1 Tablespoon in an 8 oz glass of water 3 times a day (before each meal). It's best with ACV to be getting
  11. I have definitely heard that ACV at least can cause that kind of a break out during the detox stage. Lots of little zits. Yeah, give it another couple weeks, and you should be clear. Good luck!
  12. I second the suggestion to drink Bragg's apple cider. I also would definitely suggest taking acidophilus. You can get a big bottle for very cheap, and it works amazingly well to help with digestion.
  13. Bragg's apple cider vinegar as a toner changed my skin from being extremely oily to normal in a matter of a few days. Only thing I've tried for oil that has worked. Other things I tried: Oil Cleanings Method, Oil Matifier from Mary Kay, moisture balancing astringent, witch hazel, and I can't remember what else. None of these helped me one bit. But ACV totally took care of the problem.
  14. 1) Can kill bad along with good bacteria on your skin, leaving it more vulnerable and thus dependent on the BP to keep knocking out the bad, since you no longer have good bacteria to fight it. 2) Can iritate some people and make them break out more. 3) Can dry your skin out and make it flakey and build up dead skin cells. 4) Can make you more prone to sunburn. That's pretty much it.
  15. lol No, you just happened to finish growing at the same time you started BP. Nothing you apply topically can affect how you grow.