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  1. I had a cortizone injection about 9 years ago in a cyst on the flat area between my eyes (glabella). The cyst went away but I was left with a bump right along the crease in my quint line. The doc thought it woud go away but it didn't. I had laser surgery on it and it went down about 50%. My options at this time are to consult a plastic surgeon and have the rest of it cut out or leave it as it is. Hope that helps
  2. I wonder if facial masks do the same thing as scotch tape. When the mask dries and you peel it off its kind of like the tape effect. Tape is way cheaper though.
  3. Can you get the Cetaphil in Canada? I also have Daily Sun Defense SPF 20 by Skin Ceuticals. Its pretty good in that it doesn't cause me to break out but its a transparent zinc-oxide compound and leaves my skin sticky or coaty feeling.
  4. Oh really, Hawaiian Tropics for babies? I should try that. Thanks cuppycake.
  5. I am currently using Neutrogena Moisture SPF 15 and am breaking out with mild acne in the T-zone. I have oily skin. I really need to use sunscreen but don't want to have breakouts. Has anyone out there had any luck with different products. Thanks for the input. Mich
  6. Hi there, I have used dermablend for the past year and I like it quite a bit. I think it depends on how red your face is and if there are certain areas that are way redder than other areas. My skin has more redness in the cheek area but not too much redder than the rest of my face. So I find it covers my skin quite well and stays on for most of the day without reapplying. One problem I find is that this product did not have a good selection of colors and it could potentially look fake and c
  7. Exactly Sami. I won't say that I think my skin looks wonderful but maybe this is the best I can hope for. At least its not so red and is a natural looking color. Yes most people without acne scars cannot appreciate how socially isolating and painful it is. But I have dealt with acne since I was 10 and am now 36 and it is just a part of me now. I have to accept the scars when I look in bright lights etc. as part of my and love all of me. Maybe one day something wonderful will come along and
  8. Hi there, I read some of your postings and I just wanted to say I know how you feel. I have tried for YEARS to get rid of my scars and I've decided that it is not possible - well not totally possible. I recently got a photo facial and it removed most of the redness, brown spots and even facial hair (although I am a woman so it wasn't that much hair) and boy did it make a difference! My scars look a ton better and I don't even think about them now when I go outside in the sunlight or go to wor
  9. Jen I had Co2 and Erbuim lasers done at the same time and I was left with a wicked patch on my right cheek with a deep line circling it (the surgeon went too deep -loser). Since the cheek areas were the worst for me there is a general faint line about both on my cheeks that is noticable only in color. It's not a procedure I personally found helpful. I went from having natural looking acne marks to unnatural looking scars that seem to leave people with a puzzled look on their face. Call me pa
  10. My experience is that using Dermablend, the one that comes in a compact, is very effective at covering up all redness. You have to blend it in so the pores don't stand out. Hope it helps. M
  11. I'm interested in photorejuvination but haven't heard from anyone who has had it. Does anyone have exerience with this or know much about it. I have uneven skin with deepened patches left from my first laser surgery. Thanks guys