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    has anyone tried it? i'm thinking of buying some but it's 50 bucks, so if any of you have used it: has it faded your red marks at all? how long did it take? did it irritate your skin at all/ cause new pimples? thanks!
  2. wow, i really feel you on this. it's so hard for me to sleep over with my boyfriend nowadays because i am SO concerned about my skin. i don't live with him, but spending the night together can sometimes be so stressful for me. especially since he has clear skin. my advice to you is to definitely talk to your boyfriend about it. i'm sure he loves you just the same and is probably concerned about you since you say the changes you've gone through are so apparent. it will lift a huge weight off both
  3. so.. there is a guy who i've been seeing and will probably become my boyfriend in a matter of time. i'm really happy about this of course, but i also get super frustrated because i will only want to hang out with him if my skin looks good. or, only if i feel my overall appearance is good. he called me to go out today but i said i was feeling kind of sick. i really just wanted to stay home and rest my skin to help it look better. now, i only have about 2 small pimples on my face right now but my
  4. how much do you think others notice your skin? i've been wondering about this lately. when i look at someone, i notice their skin first, but i think it's just because i'm so sensitive about my own skin. i definitely don't have bad acne anymore, but the appearance of my skin is not good. with makeup i think it looks alright but sometimes it drives me crazy because i'd really like to know what others think of my skin! i'm assuming they don't notice all the little close-up things that i notice. wh
  5. it seems that some people have really good results with either olive oil or ACV. for me, acv actually burned my skin and it didn't work at all. i wonder if there is a certain skin type that works better with one or the other?
  6. i know this has been said before, but i woke up yesterday morning after having extra virgin olive oil on during the night (for the second or third day) and my face looked so much better! i put on some evoo and also tea tree oil during the night and it's working great . i was skeptical about trying it, but it actually works! even if you are hesitant about it, you should try it anyways! good luck!
  7. i don't know why, but i'd feel so embarrassed about going to get laser stuff done. i know that is the dermatologist's job there but i'd just feel bad about doing something so harsh and drastic to my face. i'm trying to fix this as naturally as possible you guys made me feel a bit better though, thanks
  8. i don't actually have acne any more but my skin looks horrible. red marks etc.. you know. i was thinking today that some people always get compliments on their skin, but i probably never will. a good glowing complexion is just another one of those attributes that adds to a person's beauty in my opinion. there are other things too of course, but i feel like people look at me and think 'hey that girl could be really pretty if she had nice skin.'. i really wish for nice skin so that perhaps peopl
  9. if you've used either of these products, has hyroquinone or aloe vera made a bigger difference in your skin? i've been using aloe vera for about a month and i think it makes overall skintone look better and it is helping marks some. i haven't tried hydroquinone... is it any better?
  10. kind of like that other post about how girls see boys who have skin issues, boys: would you like a girl any less just because she has some red marks or obvious signs of acne on her face? i feel so self conscious all the time because i have mostly guy friends and we get along very well but i sometimes feel very un-pretty around them because of my face i'm wondering how big of a deal not perfect skin on a girl is? i'm hoping that i'm just my own worse critic and that perhaps they do think i'm pre
  11. does anyone think that BP possibly causes more red marks or exacerbates pre-existing ones? i noticed when i stopped putting BP over my entire face the red marks went away more. what's up with that?
  12. one of my good friends has beautiful skin. it's perfect. she doesn't wear make up or anything on it and it always looks clean and smooth and flawless. the thing that gets to me though is the fact that she hardly ever washes it, like a few times a week at most. and she's not a very healthy eater and is a smoker, a drinker, does drugs etc. we live pretty similar lifestyles (i eat much healthier even) but she has absolutely perfect skin! why why why. very occasionally she will get the most minuscul
  13. has anyone had significant results on red marks by using tea tree oil? it's driving me crazy, i've been using it for about a month now, it gets rid of pimples in one night with no mark. but on the older red marks i can't tell if anything is happening... have any of you used tea tree oil and seen big changes?
  14. hi, i don't have rosacea but i got a very strange pimple a bit below my eye and its basically gone now but the whole area around it is very red. it looks terrible! i'm guessing it's red because that skin area is very sensitive and i put tea tree oil on the mark (diluted though) how can i make this redness go away?! i put aloe vera gel on it but it seemed to actually make the skin redder. the pimple is gone but the surrounding skin is still red. what to do??
  15. yeah, i'm staying home from school today also. i only have one class today, so i'm not missing very much. i figured a day of just relaxing at home and trying to kill the pimple on my forehead will benefit my skin. also, i just couldn't bear putting on makeup this morning. every now and then your skin needs a break and sometimes skipping school is needed in my opinion. it makes me feel a bit better about myself. but also very very sick and tired of having to deal with my skin. i just want to not