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  1. Hello guys. I'm a 23 years old male currently on accutane with scars getting worst by the day. I also am a dad and a boyfriend, my little daughter is 6 weeks old and my girlfriend is just a beautiful girl who simply deserves better than me. I am deeply hurt inside because of my acne and more importantly my scars. Growing up I was always that pretty boy, before acne hit me when I was around 18. It was pretty bad until 21, left me a bit of scarring but it was manageable and I was able to live
  2. Hello guys, I am finishing my first month of my accutane treatment, and about 2 weeks ago I started getting eczema on my hips, arms and belly. I never had eczema before my whole life. My facial acne is doing a lot better since starting the treatment but the eczema is getting pretty bad and I was wondering if anyone has had the same experience before? Does the eczema go away after I will stop my treatment? I just started moisturizing my body and will ask my derm for a topical treatment to keep
  3. Hey, I read all your post and it touches me a lot. You remind of myself a lot in the way you feel, I know exactly what you are going through. Funny thing is I popped my first pill just a day before you Don't be so low on yourself, even if we have acne we are still beautiful, and one day you will find a girl that loves you for what you really are. I have acne too and I have a beautiful girlfriend that loves me and that is pregnant of my baby right now, so I'm the living proof that it is possi
  4. Hello, I've just started taking accutane 4 days ago, and my girlfriend has been pregnant for almost 6 months now. My derm told me about all those things that pregnant girls shouldn't take accutane, and I shouldn't get my gf pregnant while on it, but I am wondering, can we still make love without condoms? My sperm must be pretty fucked up right now but I'm just wondering if it has any chance of affecting the baby. Sorry for the vocabulary, english is my 2nd language.
  5. so what exactly do you eat dirtbomb if you cant eat nuts and fruits, and youre on paleo? seriously...
  6. so if i understand correctly no one of you is actually clear?
  7. Wow, I understand why this thread is still going. I've been making green smoothies for 2 days straight and right after I drink one of them my skin is glowing... that's awesome I put organic golden flax seed, organic spinach, organic romaine, a banana, some organic vanilla, egg whites and extra virgin olive oil in it... it's yummy and has a lot of calories One thing to look out for tho, I'm pretty sure berries would be better in a smoothie than banana, because blended banana must have a prett
  8. When I was 15 to 18, I was eating whatever I wanted, smoking a lot, doing a lot of drugs (amphetamines and stuff), when I eated most of the time it was McDonalds or dairy. My acne appeared when I stopped doing all that stuff. If I had continued the acne would have appeared one day or another and it would've been worst. Those people will probably get acne in their lives or a much more severe issues. We're lucky to get acne in a way if it makes us realize you need to take care of your body
  9. So everyone clear? I've been full paleo for 11 days now, and I've only had like 3 zits since, which is unbelievable for me. Still a lot of red marks but I think I've found the cure.
  10. I've been on full paleo for 2 weeks now, and I think I got maybe 3 pimples in those two weeks. My face still doesn't look good because of all my red marks (will take 5-6 months to get rid of those) but no new acne. Paleo diet is truly the cure of acne!
  11. Seriously, I don't get why people don't love this diet. RIght now I'm eating two different kind of fish, with cauliflower, brocolli, cucumbers and sweet potatoes. Way better than any type of pasta or bread
  12. so anyone having concrete results so far?
  13. I'm very confident I'm gonna get clear even if I keep drinking muscle milk because everytime I switch to paleo for 2-3 days my skin is visibly clearer, even if I drink muscle milk. I wanna have a good skin but my body is very important for me and I'm allergic to pure whey so dropping muscle milk is impossible. and btw it contains no milk even if the name is muscle milk lol
  14. k im starting this diet with you guys... im gonna cheat tho and have sweet potatoes and a muscle milk everyday because i workout and i gotta get calories in! sweet potato is one of the most nutritive food there is out there so i doubt that will cause me any breakout. i'll maybe skip the muscle milk on days that i dont workout because i know thats not too great for skin. Right now my face is a mess, not a lot of zits but red marks are awful.
  15. I just ordered some. You put it on active pimple only, would that be useful for healing redmarks?