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  1. So my sample kit finally came, it took awhile but oh well.. I really had no idea what shades to try cause there were sooo many to choose from so I guessed after reading the little descriptions on the website. I ended up ordering the multi-tasking concealer, warm-buttered tan, golden-light and beige-light medium shades all in semi-matte and an everyday bronzer and so far i like, especially the concealer its fab! so i may have to make an order!
  2. Thanks for your input guys! I haven't gotten my sample kit yet.. still waiting, but I'm looking forward to giving it a shot and hopefully it will work for me.
  3. Topical ibuprofen gel is pain. It was itchy and stung like hell, not fun. Didn't do anything for me, just made my face red and irritated... maybe im allergic to it? I'm happy some of you have had success with it though, keep it up
  4. I think it really depends on you, personally, whether it effects your skin. Caffeine does release a stress hormone but whether or not that triggers your acne?.. i dont know. I can drink as much as i want and i usually drink at least a cup a day as well as 1-2 cups of gree tea and it doesnt do anything to my skin.
  5. Yep, love it! I usually drink about 2 cups a day. It has excellent antioxidant properties and ive noticed a big change in the health of my skin. I think the amount of caffeine is minimal but if you're extremely sensitive then maybe it will effect you. I'd try it for a couple days though and see what happens
  6. I'm happy some of you have had success with proactiv It definatly didn't work for me though.. ugh.. never again.
  7. Just ordered my EDM sample kit (which is an excellent idea) for $3.00 shipping/handling! Who uses it? What do you use? Do you like it?..
  8. I've heard 1, 1-3x a day with meals.
  9. Good luck Danny! soon you'll have gorgeous, clear skin
  10. I'm curious... it seems to be quite popular.
  11. meat_pirate86 and Bacon_n'_Paranoia412, you guys are making me laugh, get along and good luck with the grammar gods they aren't friendly..
  12. Clean and clear oil absorbing sheets are fantastic and try taking a B-complex supplement, it has really helped me control excess oil.
  13. Haha spectro jel has to be the only thing we canadians have that you guys dont! go figure. I use the purple bottle for "sensitive, problem-prone skin" w/out fragrance and its fantastic! I haven't had a problem with it drying my skin and its sooo gentle.
  14. Hey have you heard of spectro jel cleanser? I have just started using it and think its fantastic. There is a cleanser specifically for dry skin as well as a moisturizer so maybe give it a shot. I never liked neutrogena.. never found it did anything for me and by the sounds of it we have pretty similar skin issues! http://www.spectroskincare.com/