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  1. Great story. So do people really recommend cetaphil cleanser over any other supposed gentle face wash?
  2. I don't know whether it's just me, but since starting with accutane, I seem to have to shave twice as often. Anyone else found this?
  3. Oh great. I unfortunately wear contact lenses... so am putting eye drops in every couple of hours... my eyes are so red and i look horrible. but yeah, small price to pay i suppose.
  4. From what I read it deosn't matter if you miss, as long as you actually eventually take all the pills prescribed to you.
  5. I've only been taking it a week or so, but have just been hit with the side effects (dry lips, itchy eyes etc). I just wondered if these symptoms lessen with time, or will they continually bother me throughout the course of accutane?
  6. Agreed. I haven't posted much here, but have read a lot of the posts. I was looking for constructive advice on what to do and expect from my taking accutane. i can't do with out the BS.
  7. I am coming up the end of my first week also. I am taking 60mg/ day (40mg one day, 80mg the next). I was just hit with some side effects this weekend, I hate wearing lip balm!