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  1. Pord, Looked at your photos and your skin as is...... is not too bad really. You should have seen mine. To answer your questions: 1. I got my rollers from dr-roller.eu (I live in the U.S.) 2. I rolled less frequent than most, ever 3 months or so, but when I rolled I rolled "heavy", I used new rollers every time to reduce risk. 3. Dr. Fernandez recommends rotating the topicals vitamin A and vitamin C on a daily basis. He did not recommend retin-A as a topical, instead the wea
  2. From a scientific point of view, a picture on a thread actually proves nothing, or the lack of a picture. I am an electrical engineer and I work with proof/validition of theory every day. Like others, I've tried with my little thread to help others, who might gain from my experience with dermarolling. I wish everyone well, as this is now my last post here.
  3. Good luck with your rolling/scar treatment. I'm not much on taking pictures. Never really thought about it much. Don't have any "befores", but I'll try somewhere down the line to take a few pics and post. I've read your posts and its nice to see positive people helping each other here.
  4. Hi DC2011, I think Lamar1986 was perhaps the most intuitive member I've read about dermarolling. I really read his thread a lot for modeling what I did with rolling. I strictly did dermarolling, I never used needles by themselves. The longest dermarolling length I used was a 2.0 mm. One of the founders of dermarolling, Horst Liebl, said never use a needle longer than 2.5mm. I thought 2.0 was really long. The LED's I used were from theledman.net. I used the red, infared, and yellow. I use
  5. To be honest Jakeshake, I don't know much about TCA crossing. I've read over some posts here, and at one time was up on the theory. There was something about it I didn't like, so I never really pursued it. I only know there are obviously different treatment avenues that are effective. For rolling..... I can speak personally that my craters have and are filling. The center of them, and in a sense around the edges. I think its the repeatitive wound healing cycle in the same area, over and ove
  6. Hello Joe, No, I didn't have the box car type scars. Mine were rolling scars. Good luck.
  7. When I opened the box, I would examine the needles careful, in different lights, carefully looking for any bent ones. When going to a new section, for example right cheek to left, I would be waiting for the numbing cream to take effect, and re-examine them. I did find a bent one once. I was actually shocked, and relieved that I didn't roll with the bent needle. I looked at the "rows" trying to find one out of line. And would turn the roller different angles to line up the "rows". They
  8. Girlie, I never used the dermastamp, but always liked the concept. The rollers I used were the "Dr. Roller" brand. I purchased them from http://www.dr-roller.eu/. I brought in bulk, which dropped the price quite a bit. (hope its ok to post specific websites on this forum, I can't remember??).
  9. Progress is such a tricky, subjective thing. I've obviously reached a point where I'm much less self-conscious and don't really think about it. It hit home for me when friends would tell be (ones I havn't seen for a while) how much better my skin looked. These were unsolicited comments, and no one knew about my rolling and skin treatment. Wish you the best Tuesday with your roll.
  10. Healing, The .5 rolling I did first (twice) realy doesn't count to me, because the needle length was so shallow. If memory serves me I 1.0 mm rolled in early May. So a few months later, perhaps July, I began to see improvement. To detail what my problems were: I had dermabrasion (deep) done 10 or so years earlier, which helped with acne scars. This procedure was done under anestesia , and my entire face was taped with sterile gauze after the procedure (had eye slits). This eventu
  11. I posted my frequency schedule above. One of my main concerns with people rolling was frequency. I thought I noticed some rolling too often, and not seeing results, and blaming rolling as not a decent option for scarring. I think when you first start rolling you can roll more often. You skin, in my opinion, needs to rest and just build collagen at some point. This strategy has worked for me. Generally, I rolled every 3 months. I'm not knocking others who roll more often though. There isn'
  12. Havn't been around much, thought I'd drop a line to give an ' update. I looked for my old thread but couldn't find it???? The format is different here now. History: Rolled .5 twice in spring 09, 1mm spring 09 1.5 mm sept 09, 1.5mm dec 09, 1.5 mm march 10, 2mm sept 10, and finally 1.5 mm march 11. Things and stuff I did: Used 302 products almose exclusively, LED's 3x week, rotated topicals, rest, no drinking, juiced veggies everyday 2x a day. My recommendation
  13. I know of the practice of isolating an amino acid for effect, I've taken l-tyrosine for years to convert to thyroxine for a low thyroid..... same principle, on an empty stomache. Just guessing, but there probably on to something. The guy did win the Nobel prize in Chemistry one year. I'll give it a whirl.........
  14. Ran across this recipe for an increase in your body production of collagen. Havn't tried it myself. infor on the author, Linus Pauling, 20th century genius chemist: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linus_Pauling Dr. Rath website: http://www.drrathresearch.org/ their collagen elixer: Twice a week pre-bed on days when I have an empty stomach at that time I take: L-Proline L-Lysine Vitamin C This formula was recommended by Linus Pauling and supported by Dr. Rath who recommends the addition of EgCG
  15. Hi AllieeBee, Wanted to wish you well with your procedure. I had ermabrasion a long time ago, 10 plus years. Just some thoughts I hope are helpful. If you live in the northern hemisphere, you might (like you said), wait until fall. There are two enemies you are fighting, one is uv exposure. Spring/summer is going to be hitting us soon. If you do it now, stay out of the sun. I can't overemphasize this. Also, what occurs after the procedure is going to make/break the procedure. Your skin