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  1. I know it sounds like rosacea, and I even thought it was for a while. But it seems unlikely, as im only 17.
  2. Does rice have gluten? It seems like it has to. Especially some nice sticky japanese rice, how could it be so sticky without gluten? I read somewhere that technically it doesn't but it's still bad for acne? So is it safe to eat? Because I really wanna eat some rice. Also what about soy? As in soy sauce? Is soy a common allergy?
  3. No need to buy online, they have it at most places (pharmacies like walgreens, and normal stores like walmart) Just take zinc gluconate. There is controversy on this board whaether or not taking more than 50mg a day is bad. Some say taking zinc in excess won't harm you much, because your body will expell excess zinc, and others say it is highly toxic. I took 100mg a day and in a week or so, my acne was GONE. After years of acne, it was just gone. But it came back. Now I am starting to go do
  4. Does anybody else get these small whiteheads, they aren't normal ones. They are only a few times bigger than a pore, and don't have alot of inflammation around them (they are inflamed though). Normal typical zits, like I used to have, develope a whitehead pretty fast, and then you can very easily poke them with a pin or use fingernails and squeeze all the crap out. Then it heals (or forms another head to get rid of). But these stupid things are small but very numerous, and you CANT SQUEEZE OUT
  5. Yes. In other words, real food. With these things I like to call nutrients. But it tastes so bad. :boohoo: I think im going to give those green smoothies a shot though.
  6. I've heard of people just picking other areas of their body or pulling/twisting the hair as a replacement for picking the face, but that doesn't stop me from picking mine. Do you have acne? I don't quite understand why you suddenly began picking, you started this after kicking a drug habit? Edit: There are medications you can take for OCD that could help you stop. I know that when Im on benzos I never pick my skin, picking seems to be an anxiety/nervous/stress/OCD kinda thing.
  7. Well, I know for dandruff, the more you use if (especially if you use it daily, or everytime you shampoo your hair) that eventually, your hair will actually depend on it, and get dandruff much faster. So maybe the same kinda thing is happening with your skin.
  8. I hate mirrors. My mom always has natural sunlight in her room, so those mirrors make me look bad. My bathroom mirror is EXTREMELY bright and makes me look horribly broken out even at my clearest.
  9. Im good looking in my eyes even with acne. But it pisses me off because I KNOW that Id be extremely attractive with clear skin. I know people say "you'll just find something else to critizise" but that's not true at all. I never was critical of any features before my acne, and when Im clear I feel perfect.
  10. It's the caffiene. When I was drinking like 3 cups of green tea a day, my skin was bad, same way it gets after drinking coffee. Caffiene raises cortisol (stress) levels
  11. Well, it reduces stress alot, and stress can be a major contributing factor for aggravating acne. I don't know about washing afterwards though, I don't because I make sure to only wash twice a day.
  12. A typical day in the life of me, an extremely picky eater who loooooves gluten. Breakfast- Maybe a few nice bagels mmm Lunch- A sandwich, or maybe some Ramen noodles. Supper- Some kind of meat, maybe some chicken NOODLE soup, various pastas like spaghetti. Rice is also common (does rice have gluten? I think so) Gluten is all I consume, and it's no wonder my skin is like this. On rare occasions where I haven't eaten like this, I DO notice my skin clearing. But what can I eat if I can't eat pa