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  1. I checked out that subcision technique and it looks pretty brutal, do you think laser resurfacing would work? I'm not saying im not willing to try it, but right now that just looks scary.
  2. So it's been a bit over a year since I finished my accutane course, I rarely get pimples now and if I do they're of a smaller nature which usually are caused from me rubbing my face on stuff when I sleep. I have a few icepick scars, boxcar scars, but they arn't really the main issue as I could live my life with them without seeking treatment. However just over a month ago I started getting what I believed to be a sebaceous cyst. I tried to not touch it and wait, I scheduled a dermatologist a
  3. Hey folks, it's been a while for me. I'm here again because I want to find out some new ways to take better care of my skin. Heres a short version of my story; So about two years ago I started getting severe acne (mostly cysts, very large red ones), I tried proactive, and all those washes, eventually I tried this orange neutrogena (forget what is was called) and it gave me all these bumps (which I still havn't gotten rid of), so finally I decided to go to a dermatologist. I went on the 6mo
  4. Hey guys, about two months ago I finished my acctuane course, that got rid of all the inflamed red areas however now Im still left with what I beleive are white heads. Im not talking about one or two, but there are hunderds of these 'bumps' all over my face, you can't see it well from far but up close its pretty noticeable. Can anyone tell me if there is anything else I can do... facial washs don't seem to do anything to them, and im pretty sure the accutane didn't help with them either? I
  5. thanks alot man, its nice for someone to confirm that for me. my skin looks so bad right now I just cant see it looking normal so its hard for me to beleive this drug can do that good but i'll see I guess
  6. Okay so I started taking Acutane 40mg on June 4th so its been 20 days and I have noticed a difference with my pimples, but now I still have all my closed comondones, or whiteheads whatever you call them.. theyre all over my face and its really gross. I'm also starting to feel this depression.. its not that bad though, but *moderator edit* so I dont know how it is all the time, but I lost my sunglasses last week and I was pretty depressed, and normaly it wouldnt even bother me.. Anyway I just h
  7. Everyday i wake up, wash my face with water instead of using the proactive I used before i started acutane, go to school come home wash my face, take my acutane pill with a table spoon of peanut butter, and a glass of milk, then i go about and eventually got to bed, where i wash my face again. I heard from somewhere that I should not be using proactive while i am on acutane, but why not? Also, I heard that taking acutane with fatty foods such as peanut butter and milk will increase the amou
  8. Yo thats like art. I'm going to try this, thank you.
  9. Okay so for years I've heard so many things, acne is caused by bacteria, acne is caused by horomones, acne is caused by lack of nutrients. Which one is it!? Is it all? also lets say someone has a very healthy body, and a very healthy immune system is it possible for them to get acne - this leads to another question, is acne just a sign that I am not healty? I'll tell you my story. I am currently in grade 10, last year my face was completely clear, infact earlier in the year before winter ca
  10. but.. *moderator edit* okay i could try... I just dont see how it could be a problem
  11. Okay so im going to list everything I do in the day in and I hope you can share your comments to help improve. My skin is very damaged, from far it looks okay.. but up close its very rough and has holes, blackheads,whiteheads, inflamed areas, and dry skin. This all began to happen earlier this year (Im 15) before this I suffered from a pimple or two every week, now it's come to a point where it is discusting me, if you could read over my average weekday can you suggest anything I should do d
  12. Okay so im scheduled to see the derm in about two months, Im sick of this acne and i just want to get rid of it, I heard acutane does the job, so could I just ask the derm right away to give me it? (Canada btw) or do I have to listen to what he says and try all the bullshiet that doesnt work? Im aware of the side effects I just don't care anymore, I pretty much hate myself right now, it hurts to look in the mirror and I have no confidence, i want it to go away.
  13. Okay so three days ago I got fed up with my acne, and for a whole day I was trying to figure out why the fuck i have it and why other people don't? I know were different but theres gota be somthing. So I went on researching and I dont have the website right now because im still in the process of this but ill just summerize it quick. Acne is the result of somthing in your body going really wrong.... Hormonal Imbalance which makes sense why teenagers have it so bad... So I went on to see how t
  14. well i don't have a tanning machine, but im taking Vitamin D pills that i bought from GNC, they contain 1000 UV or UI not sure.. anywho, im doing your apple cider thing and using pro active so i'll tell you if i see a difference